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Sunday, 7 September 2008

This lemon contains sexual situations involving the TV show Digimon. Do not proceed if you are under eighteen or this material is Illegal in your jurisdiction.

This is something that many people never thought would happen, an El Intruder/ Red Rover dual lemon. Those of you who know the history between us probably know what we are talking about. Speaking as Red Rover, I’ll admit we had some bad words, ok more than that. But we made up, plus the added fact El Intruder came up with this GREAT idea for a lemon. Plus the fact I can't stand anyone who likes Gomamon that much. God I laughed so hard when we ended up discussing this idea. Basically we will be taking turns in this lemon, each writing a section than letting the other take over. This is a semi cross over lemon between Jackie Chan adventures/Digimon, though there are no actual characters from Jackie Chan that really appear in this lemon. Oh and to help those who don't watch the TV show Jackie Chan Adventures, the talismans we are talking about grant a special power depending on the Talisman. 


The Twelve Talismans

Chapter 5- The Pig Talisman - Heat Beam Eyes


Gomamon yawned sitting in his bed.  He had made it across the ocean all the way from America in a few hours.  "These talismans have some sweet perks."  Gomamon chuckled as he rubbed his hand over the picture of the rabbit glowing on his hand, which activated his super speed.  Gomamon had been gaining more control, his reflexes where fast enough so he could run at this speed with out danger of running head first through a wall or something.  "Course I can even heal from that with my new healing powers."  Gomamon smirked as he came to a dead stop in the middle of an artificial beach.  Here in Japan, several cities expand outwards by dumping rock into the ocean then constructing upon the new land.  IT was costly, but here in Japan, land was a luxury.  "You know, I’ve got a few seconds to kill....  let's try out power number five..."  Gomamon looked at his flipper and concentrated, the symbols appearing on his furry by a simple mental command.

"Let's see..." Gomamon moved down the row of mystical animal symbols.  "Rabbit, Snake, Ox, Horse, and... Pig?"  Gomamon looks at the symbol oddly.   "Hmmm I hate to admit it, but I can't imagine what power this would give me that would be useful..."  Gomamon braced himself as he tapped the pig symbol carefully, starting to feel the mystical energy in him.  "…Probably something like super smell, or the abiulity to eat anything...."  Gomamon started when his eyes began to burn, but not a painful burn.  It was similar to what he felt when he launched a Harpoon Torpedo in his Champion-level form, Ikkaumon: a sudden rush of energy.  Suddenly, all the energy was boiled to a point behind his retinas, and released. A stream of pure heat energy blasted from his eyes.  A boulder five times the size as he was that used to be in front of him was turned into powder in a heartbeat.


"WHOA!" Gomamon chuckled as his eyes burned with energy,”Cool!  Cyclops power!  Meet the newest member of the X-men! Gomamon!"  Gomamon laughed as he let's out a controlled blast against the rock face.  His name burned in as he focused his eyes; making a picture of him fucking Palmon from behind.  It was crude, but recognizable.  "Hmmm never knew I had the artist's gene in me."  Gomamon smiled as he blasted the area one last time, reducing it to rubble.  "Sigh, I always was a hard critic of myself."  Gomamon chuckled to himself as the smoldering rocks left a trail of smoke in the air.


Gomamon hummed to himself as he rubbed his chin.  "Not that this isn't a cool power and all.... but it doesn't help land me any girls."  Gomamon thought to himself for a moment.  "Unless… it’s used creatively."




Sora was walking down the street in her tennis outfit.  It was quite late, and the streets were all but deserted.  Sora wasn't really scared to walk home by herself, this was a good neighborhood.  Plus the added fact that for the last four years of her life she has dealt with digital creatures with the power to lay waste to cities, so being mugged didn't even faze her anymore.


Gomamon was up in a balcony of an apartment building, overlooking Sora.  He had scoped out the entire area while invisible and at super speed, planning the perfect chance to pull this off.


Gomamon had set up the photo booth itself, placing the two cameras in the top right corner, and the bottom left under the stool where it would not be accidentally knocked or kick.   This would give him two good vantage points, Gomamon becoming a bit of a shutterbug now.  Finally, he had cleverly placed an 'Out of Order' sign on the outside of the photo booth, so no one would come in when Sora entered.  Not that there was many people out at this time of night, but still, Gomamon was not into voyeuristic sex... well, he didn't mind watching it, but didn't really want a crowd watching him.  "Now...." Gomamon tapped the pig symbol with his flipper, feeling the energy rush in his eyeballs once more.  "Let the fun begin..."


Sora continued her walk uninterrupted, tapping the tennis racket against her leg.  She enjoyed the walk home from her tennis lessons; it was a good way for her to wind down from an intense tennis match.   She was looking forward to a nice hot shower when she got home.  (A nice hot one....)  Sora's suddenly felt her back get hot suddenly, and then all of a sudden cool.  (Hmmm?)  Sora noticed the strange sensation on her skin. She reached back with her free hand, and to her surprise, and horrification, she felt her bra strap.  (What on earth…?!Sora thought to her self in a panic, suddenly turning her back to the wall.  (Did I catch my shirt on a nail, or something?!)  Sora placed her racket on the ground as she tried to close the green shirt behind back, trying to get enough material to make a knot of some sort. She did not want to walk home in her blue sports bra.


Gomamon, up from his vandtage point, chuckled.  He had spent an hour fine tuning his control with this heat beam power, so he could develop anything from a blast that would melt steel, to a thin, narrow stream that would burn away fabric, but not hurt Sora.  He practiced on himself a few times; using some old rags... a few nasty burns later, treated with the horse talisman of course, and Gomamon could vaporize the clothes on his flippers with ease.  Gomamon watched as Sora tried to nonchalantly close her shirt up from behind, all the while looking up and down the street for passerbyers(Now... the next piece...)  Gomamon's eyes burned again, and he aimed another narrow red beam while Sora was distracted.


Sora cursed silently as she just managed to get enough material to make a knot on the back of her shirt, her breasts being held tight as her tennis shirt became tighter now.  (There... not exactly stylish.... but it will do till I get home....)   Sora sighed as she took one step away from the wall, and her skirt fell down to around her ankles.   (WHAT?!)  Sora screamed to herself, glancing left and right quickly as she bend over to pull the skirt up, the left side of the skirt singed in half.    Sora quickly hemmed it up, when another unnoticeable blast of laser vision hit her panties on the left side, melting the elastic. Sora noticed a brief instant of warmth on her thigh before her panties started to slide down her knees.  (DAMN IT!!)   Sora wanted to scream out loud, but didn't want any passer byers to see as she grabbed her panties, but released her skirt.  A sudden gust of wind caught the skirt as it feel, and started to blow the green material down the street. (Oh come on now!)  Sora started after the wayward skirt, holding her panties up with one hand.


Gomamon now, was laughing his head off, glad he was far enough away from Sora so he could laugh, but not far enough so he couldn't get a good view.  He looked at the camera next to him, and refocused it on Sora as she awkwardly made her way down the street.  (Damn, Gabumon is going to love this one, I know he loves naked girls in public... though she is not quite naked...) Gomamon took his eyes from the camera, and aimed them at Sora's feeling back.  (...yet.)


Sora stumbled forward again, just missing her skirt.  (Come on...) Normally she would have caught it with ease, but running with one hand trying to keep any modest left by keeping her panties up, made it more difficult.  Sora lunged forward one last time, almost tripping as she caught her skirt.  (Got it!)  Sora smiled, proud of her self, just as her sweater fell completely off, shred with several quick burst of laser vision to the seems.  Nothing was left but rags.  (GAH!) Sora vainly held her hands to her chest suddenly, trying to keep the material on.  She let go of the skirt, which started to roll down the street again, and her panties slid to her knees. She quickly bent over to pick them up, when another burst of warmth hit her back and shoulders, and her bra slid off.  (What is going on?!)  Sora was now naked except for socks and tennis shoes, pulling up her panties that seemed to fall apart in her hand, courtesy of Gomamon's new found power. She held the remnants of her blue bra tightly to her chest, looking around frantically for some place to hide. And as if on cue, she spotted the phone booth. Moving as fast as she could, she dove in the empty phone booth, moving the long curtain in the way, before anyone could see her... well anyone except for one horny little seal.


(Oh man... I couldn't wish for a better scene!)  Gomamon laughed loudly now, unable to help himself.  He started to pack up the camera, done with the prelude.  Gomamon didn't use his super speed to do this... he wanted Sora to stew a little, just enough so that she was really desperate for when Gomamon just happened by.


"I'm too sexy for my shirt...."  Gomamon sang quite loudly coming down the street.   He was singing it purposely so he would be over heard.


"Gomamon!"  Sora said in a frantic whisper.


"Hmmm?"  Gomamon looked around, pretending he didn't know who was calling him.


"Gomamon!"  Sora said a bit louder, sticking her head just out of the photo booth.


Gomamon's face broke into a smile as he saw Sora.  "Sora, what are you doing here?"  Gomamon walked towards the photo booth.


"Gomamon!  I need you to get..." Sora started when Gomamon walked under the curtain. "No WAIT!"  Sora said a bit too late.


"Whoa.... Sora...."  Gomamon looked up in mock surprise.  Sora was huddled on the stool, wearing only her tennis socks and sneakers.  The tattered sports bra was huddled tight to her body, trying in vain to cover her up.  "Wild party?" Gomamon asked.


Sora turned seven shades of red.  "Don't look!"  Sora snapped angrily, holding the clothes tighter to her, but just managed to push her left breast to the side, the breast popping out, giving Gomamon a clear view.


Gomamon got a nice look at the tit, before turning his head.  "Easier said then done.... " Gomamon smiled, his dick was getting hard, pushing on to the cold floor of the photo booth out of site.  "So.... strip poker get out of hand?"


"I don't know what happened!" Sora tried to explain her awkward situation.  "I am walking down the street, and my clothes started... burning away!"  Sora explained, trying to push her left boob under the clothes again, but only managed to knock the right one out.


"Uh huh..." Gomamon sounded unconvinced.


"Well, just go to my place, and get some clothes!"  Sora didn't care if Gomamon sees her reason or not. She was just mortally embarrassed.


"Ummmm... that might be a problem..."  Gomamon half sat up slowly, trying to look embarrassed.  "I kinda... have my own problem..."  Gomamon motioned to his own throbbing red dick, now fully erect.


Sora glanced at it for a moment, blushing, before turning her head away.  "Goma, that's just sick!  Why do you have a boner?!"


"Let's see, you are butt naked, covered in sweat, in a phone booth in the middle of the street, and you call me over."  Gomamon explained his reasons, rather convincingly.  "How do you expect me not to be turned on?"


"Well.... can't you just walk with it?"  Sora cried exasperated.  "I mean, it's dark, no one can really see it."


"Oh, sure,"  Gomamon looked annoyed.  "You want me to walk four blocks, across rough concrete, with anything from broken glass to rusty nails, dragging my erect dick around? In case you hadn't noticed, my crotch drags across the ground when I walk."


"Well... then... shove it back in that... that pouch thing of yours!"  Sora whispered loud, she knew the basics of Digimon anatomy.  Biyomon had sexual organs like her, though they where well hidden.  Biyomon had also told her that most male Digimon have protective sacks for their own dicks.  It protected them somewhat, and provided them some modesty.


"You want me to shove my hard erection back into my tiny pouch?"  Gomamon sounded even more annoyed.  "I don't know how much you know about Digimon males Sora, but when we bend it like that, it hurts like hell!"


"Can't you just, you know, lose it?"  Sora was getting frustrated now.


"Nope, Digimon breeding, when we become erect, it takes a long time to loose our erections."  Gomamon made it up on the fly.  He doubted Sora would have such intimate knowledge of male Digimon.  "We generally have to get rid of it with a little hands-on action, or in my case, flippers-on."


"Oh, you are not going to masturbate while I am here!"  Sora looked down meanly at the digimon.


(Well... I was going to ask YOU to do it for me, but you look like you will be a tougher sell than the others.)    Gomamon thought to himself, before speaking.  "Well listen, I don't know any other way, and I don't feel like being caught in a photo booth with you naked."  (Oh please.... I wouldn't mind except that Matt would kill me.)


Sora grimaced, before turning her head away.  "Just do it quick...."


Gomamon smirked as he leaned on his back against the photo booth wall.   "I will try...."  Gomamon opened his eyes and looked up.  "Do you mind if I jerk off looking at you?"


"Goma!"  Sora hissed.


"All right, all right...."  Gomamon closed his eyes, and started to rub his flippers up and down his shaft.  "I'll try to make it quick..."  Gomamon smirked as he went to work, and thought to himself.  (Yeah right....)




20 minutes later....


Sora grimaced as she kept her eyes shut. Gomamon was making little groaning, panting sounds as he worked his flipper off the shaft.  Sora couldn't help but take a peek every now and then, waiting for twenty minutes with your eyes closed is boring, not too mention frustrating.  "What is taking so long?!"


Gomamon looked up, pretending to look frustrated as well.  "Look at these!"  Gomaon held out both flippers.


Sora did, blushing red as she caught a perfect view of his bright red seal dick jetting out of his snow white fur. She had only seen Matt's dick before and Gomamon looked to be the same size, although it looked more impressive on a small Digimon.  "What? What about them?" Sora turned her head away, but not after staring at his crotch for long periods of time.


"You know hard it is to masturbate with these?" Gomamon was impressed with his acting job. "I don't have thumbs, and I have to hunch over to do it. Not the most comfortable position."  True it was hard to masturbate with his flippers, but the super speed power made it easier. Of course, he wasn't going to use that right now.  He had other plans in mind.


"Well how do you normally jerk off?"  Sora winced at the awkwardness of the conversation.


"With great difficulty.  Half the time I end up humping a pillow or something soft.  And even then it sometimes takes hours."  Gomamon was truthful their, often he did find it more pleasurable to simple rub his dick on a pillow when he masturbated.  Of course, that required a lot more cleaning up.


"Hours?"  Sora looked exasperated.  "I don't plan on being here that long!"


"Well, unless you plan on going out naked, you will have to wait."  Gomaon went back to work stroking his dick, acting more clumsily now that Sora was looking at him.


"Can't you speed it up?"  Sora asked as she watched, forgetting her embarrassment for a moment.


"Only if a feel like hurting myself." Gomamon let his dick slip out of his flipper on purpose, just to frustrate Sora some more


Sora sighed to herself, getting angry, but she also believed she had no right to.  Gomamon wanted to help her... and she couldn't really blame him for not wanting to crawl on his belly with a red boner... she knew that would have to hurt.   "All right... I will make you a deal..." Sora said, finally defeated.


"What sort of deal?"  Gomamon asked, perking his ears up.


"I will... jack you off...  Sora looked down and gave Gomamon the evil eye, “…but you tell NO ONE!"


"I promise... I will tell no one..."  Gomamon held up his flipper when he said this.  (Didn't say anything about showing the tapes, though.)


"Fine...."  Sora picked up Gomamon underneath his flipper bits, and laid him across her lap so she could get him off easier.  Gomamon looked up, licking his lips as he eyed her luscious tits.  "Eyes closed..."


"Oh um, right..." Gomamon shut his eyes tightly; he didn't need to se her, just want to feel her.


Sora looked down at the happy seal squirming in her lap.  His red seal dick pointed straight up, looking so different from Matt's cock.... besides the collar, the dick was more pointed.  Plus, as she slowly wrapped her hand around the organ, his dick was much slicker. (Pretend it is Matt...)  Sora sighed as she stroked of Gomamon slowly.


Gomamon murred softly.  (Mmm these powers are great...)  Gomamon thought to himself, loving Sora's soft hands.   (I mean... I am well on my way to getting every single girl in the Digidestiend squad...)  Gomamon panted as he jerked his hips up once, the pleasure building in his balls.  "Mmm… faster, Sora..."  Gomamon murred.  Sora knew what she was doing, he could tell that.


Sora nodded once, and increased the tempo on his red member.  Pretending it was Matt was not working really well, his dick was too different, and the sounds Gomamon were making were different as well.  Gomamon's moans were almost like purrs or growls, it was hard to say.  Sora just sighed and moved her slender paw faster, moving as fast as she thought she could without hurting Gomamon.  "Yeah... yeah..." Gomamon panted, a bit of pre dripping from his pisshole and sliding down his cock on Sora's hand.  "More... more...." Gomamon murred, keeping his voice down as much as he could just in case someone should happen by, though it was hard. He could feel the cum boiling in him, Sora's skilled hand jerking up and down the shaft fast and hard.  "Oh yeah... yeah... yessssssss....." Gomamon all but had to bite his tongue to keep from moaning out loud.  Hot streams of cum spurted straight up, coating his dick and more importantly Sora's hands as she manhandled his digihood.


Sora stopped the instant he came, removing her cum covered hand from his red prick.  "Can we go now?"  Sora sighed as she wiped her cum-covered hand on the side of the booth.


"Go?" Gomamon seemed confused, panting at the rather satisfying ordeal.  "Um... not yet..."


"But you came, why is it still hard?"  Sora looked at the dick as if it betrayed her.


"My species of Digimon is water based, therefore, our species mates underwater, so we have to cum a lot to impregnate a girl." Gomamon was impressed at how good he could make this on the fly.  "We have to cum multiple times."


"Multiple!" Sora looked defeated. 

"Yup, when I masturbate I almost have to have the weekend to myself."  Gomamon had to bite his lip to keep from chuckling.


"You better be joking!"  Sora almost shouted exasperated.


"Does this look like I am joking?"  Gomamon poked his rock hard cock once, letting it bounce.


Sora looked as his little red seal prick.  "Fine...."  Sora placed her hand on his dick.  "Just start cumming and don't hold back, I don't want to be here all day!"


"Fine..."  Gomamon laid back and let Sora get back to work.  (Funny, cause that is exactly what I want!)




40 more minutes later...


"For the love of Pete..."  Sora wiped her hand on the last clean spot on the well.  "Don't you ever stop cumming?"  Sora looked down at the seal in her lap, his red boner still there.


(Not with the Horse Talisman... instant healing and instant hard-ons.)  Gomamon looked up at Sora.  "Well the problem is... it is taken to long between cums... we need to speed it up a bit."


"I don't know how!"  Sora looked down at Gomamon.  "I mean, both my hands are cramping up!"


"Well.... there are other ways to get a guy off..." Gomamon smirked at Sora.


"Oh no...." Sora shook her head.  "I am not going to let you fuck me or blow you or anything like that!  I will just take my chance walking home naked!"  Sora began to push Gomamon off her lap.


"Oh sure..."  Gomamon held on, his tail rubbing between Sora's legs slightly.  "A young naked girl smelling of sweat and cum walking down the street in the middle of the night... you would rather some pervert with who knows what diseases catch you, and then do it with one of your friends?"  (Oh I am soooo going to hell for this... ah it's worth it.)


Sora stopped pushing Gomamon, and sighed.  "Yeah you are right... I just hadn't planned on doing anything like this!"


"Why, haven't you done stuff with Matt?"  Gomamo pretended to look with confused.


"What?!" Sora blushed with embarrassment, which was weird since she was more embarrassed that Gomamon seemed to know something then the fact she was naked and had spent the last hour masturbating a Digimon in a phone booth.  "How did you know?"


"Mmmm promised I wouldn't say...It was supposed to be a secret..." Gomamon knew since Gabumon had a few tapes of Sora and Matt fooling around.


Sora was blushing, and angry. In her mind, matt must have been telling her guy friends, it was the only way she knew someone would know about it. The fact Gabumon had hidden a camera in Matt's room for when Sora came over didn't dawn on her.  "Why that..." Sora's faithfulness to Matt took a major hit. She looked down at Gomamon.  "I'll suck you, and that's it..."


"All right..."  Gomamon murred as he spread his back flippers wide. His red dick still nice and hard.  He watched as Sora closed her eyes, and slowly moved her mouth down, taking in his red member slowly.  "Mmmmmm..." Gomamon panted as Sora went right to work, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible.  "So.... I hear you swallow..."


"MmmphhH!"  Sora opened her eyes and cast a nasty glare at Gomamon, before resuming her sucking.  She definitely knew how to suck cock, it was one of Matt's favorite past times.  Sora wasn't a virgin, but she was terrified of getting pregnant, so she and Matt have only had sex a couple times, with protection. She preferred oral sex, where the chance of pregnancy was zero.  Matt sure didn't mind though, since Sora was a world class cock sucker in his opinion, not that he much to judge it on.


Gomamon on the other hand, had some experience. "Oh god Sora... that feels so good..." Gomamon murred as his dick started to drip precumSora was definitely the best cocksucker so far.  She used her cheeks to make her mouth tighter, and her hands ran up and down his entire slick exposed shaft so that every inch of his cock was always stimulated.


Sora moved faster, doing the same technique she used on Matt.  To be honest, she didn't mind sucking Gomamon that much.  His dick didn't have a musky taste like Matt's, it was more salty than anything... kind of hard to describe. Also his dick was shorter than Matt's so she could take the whole member in her mouth to the back of her throat, no problem.   "Mmmmmm...."  Sora murred, rubbing some of her fingers against his asshole, Matt loved this too, and Gomamon was no exception.


"Uhh Sora....."  Goammon panted as his felt the cum burning in his balls.  "I... I... I am.... UHHH!"  Gomamon moaned as he came hard, and a torrent of sea cum.


Sora felt the warm spray of sea mammal spunk hit the back of her throat.  It was a rather familiar feeling, considering how often she blew Matt.  Without even realizing it, she started to swallow the spunk. Sora never really minded the taste of cum, and she usually swallowed Matt's load.  Gomamon proved to be no exception, as not a drop of his seed escaped her soft lips.


Gomamon looked down at Sora, who slowly removed her thin lips off his satisfied cock.  "Wow... you even swallow...." Gomamom panted with a smirk.


Sora smiled back, licking her lips.  "Force of habit..... I don't like to make a mess...  and it is the easiest way to get rid of it."


"Mmm well I like..." Gomamon panted as he nonchalantly touched his flipper again, where the horse symbol was. The horse picture appeared briefly, before disappearing.  Gomamon's cock instantly sprang to hardness again.


Sora looked down at the shaft, sighing. She half expected this.  "My god, how much cum do you have in you?"


"Mmm not sure... maybe it is the fact I don't have to be by myself is making me hornier...."  Gomamon admitted as she wiggled in her lap some more. He looked at Sora tits, now rock hard.  "You know... I feel kinda bad that you are making me feel really good...."


"Oh no, I am just doing this so you can go get me some clothes, I am not enjoying this!" Sora replied, though she was lying, this was fun in a weird, perverse way.  She never, ever would have though Gomamon as attractive, but he was cute, not to mention his stamina....


"Well... I may not know much about girls..." Gomamon moved his head forward, and licked one of her hard nipples fast.  "But I do know when one of them is turned on."


"Gomamon!"  Sora covered her breasts, blushing bright red.  "You... you shouldn't do that!"


"Why not?"  Gomamon looked up, licking his lips once.  "Did you not enjoy it?"


"Well..." Sora blushed a little.  "That's beside the point!"


"Really?"  Gomamon smiled up at the naked girl.  "I mean, we aren't hurting anyone, and it's not like you can get pregnant or anything.  One of the benefits of cross-species sex.   I mean, you can't even get a disease, or anything."


Sora blushed, that was one of her biggest fears about sex... pregnancy.  Matt was a virgin so she wasn't too concerned about STDs or anything like that, but what if the birth controlled failed?  It was always a nagging doubt.  "Digimon really can't get humans pregnant?"


"Oh yeah, Joe did a bunch of research into it."  ((Author's note - Read a Guide to Digimon Sex by Red Rover))  Gomamon went on.  "It makes sense though, I mean, Digimon lay eggs, we don't even have kids the same way..."


"Makes sense..." Sora nodded.   That would be nice... just to enjoy yourself fully and selfishly, with no worries.  To actually feel flesh inside you, not impersonal lubed rubber.   Sora looked down, and blushed at Gomamon.  "Can you keep a secret?"


"A secret?"  Gomamon cocked a half smile.  "About what?"


Sora smiled softly as she slowly opened her legs, revealing her glistening cunt.  Her cunt was shaved around the edges, more for Matt than anything.  "About what I am going to let you do...."  Sora slid Gomamon between her legs, smiling softly, feeling the red seal dick rub over her pussy lips.


"I promise to never tell anyone..."  Gomamon murrs as he humped his red dick across the young girl's cunt a few times, just to enjoy the feel.  (Still going to keep the tapes though....)   Gomamon smiled as he kissed her smooth belly and positioned his red dick at the cunt entrance.


Sora moaned softly as she felt her pussy lips part by the new cock. It was the second dick that was ever going to be inside her, the first being Matt's.  "Mmmm Gomamon...."  Sora stretched the mon in his name like a moan as Gomamon slid effortlessly inside her.


"Mmmmm you feel good..." Gomamon smiled as she started to move his hips back and forth.  Gomamon noticed that Sora was one of the loosest of the girls so far he has had.  Of course, Kari, Mimi and Lillymon were all virgins and Palmon was just so small. 


"Mmmm faster...."  Sora murred as she wrapped her legs around Gomamon, squeezing him in. She leaned her head against the back of the photo booth, and started to squeeze her breasts together.  Every time she was fucked, it felt incredible, and even though Gomamon was smaller than Matt, it still felt nice and warm, his furry body rubbing up against her legs felt even better than Matt's smooth skin.


Gomamon nodded, he was happy to comply.  He causally touched the rabbit picture on his flipper as it gleamed into view, the picture disappearing just as fast.  The first power Gomamon ever used and it helped him on this perverted little quest of his.   "You got it."  Gomamon murred as he started his assault.


Sora gasped as it felt like a rocket went off in her sweet box.  Gomamon's hips were a blur, moving in and out of her cunt faster than she could see.  "Oh... my... god...."  Sora could hardly believe it, the feeling was indescribable.  It felt like Gomamon's cock was there, but not there at the same time.  "Goma... oh Gomamon...."  Sora moaned, her orgasm building up fast in her young body and she knew that there would be no way to stop it.


"Almost there..."  Gomamon panted.  He too felt the all too familiar feeling of getting ready to release.  Sora looked like she was in seventh heaven, forgetting where she was.  She just wanted to get off now more than anything.


Sora's hands drifted up to her young breasts, feeling her chest as she massaged her breasts in circles.  "Uh uh uh...." Sora grunted, her eyes half closed and fluttering. Her breathing increased as did her heart rate. Suddenly she moaned loudly.  "Go... maaa... moonnnnnnnn!"  Sora came hard, the hardest she'd ever cum, her pussy wet with her wet female juices.


"mmmmm cum for me!"   Gomamon murred in response. Fucking her fast in hard for another ten seconds, though at his speed he must have fucked her a hundred times, he lost count.  Gomamon arched his head back and moaned as well, feeding the hungry pussy his own Digiseed as Sora just started to calm down from her own climax.


Sora's breathing slowed down to normal even as Gomamon came.  She could feel cum squirt inside of her... something she never felt before with Matt wearing a condom.  "Gomamon...."  Sora smiled happily, looking exhausted by satisfied.  "That was the best...."


Gomamon pulled out slowly, his seed dripping out of her pussy slowly.  "Glad you like it."  Gomamon smiled to himself as his limp dick started to shrivel back in its protective furry pouch in his crotch. 


Sora watched as Gomamon's dick disappeared after several seconds.  "Mmmmm It looks like you are finally done..." Sora panted, the photo booth smelling like a mess of cum and sweat.   Sora looked exhausted, but satisfied.


"Looks like."  Gomamon could have tapped the Horse yet again, and be ready for another round of course, but he had enjoyed Sora fully.  His limp red member finished slithering its way back into its furry pouch.


"Good thing to... it's quite late.... and you still owe me those clothes Gomamon."  Sora chuckled at the situation.  For some reason she didn't feel nearly as self conscious as she did when Gomamon first came in.


Gomamon had actually forgotten about Sora's lack of clothes for the time being.  "Oh yeah, of course."  Gomamon hopped off Sora's lap, Sora crossing her legs on the stool.   "I'll be right back."  Gomamon nodded as he started to turn around and out the curtain.


"Oh and... Gomamon?" Sora blushed as she started to speak her mind.


Gomamon half turned his head around and looked back at the sweaty girl.  "Yes Sora?"


"If you promise to keep this a secret..." Sora closed her eyes most of the way as she continued speaking.  "Maybe we can... try this again sometime."


Gomamon couldn't help but grin at this wonderful proposition.  (Am I good or what?  A night with me and being faithful to Matt is the last thing on her mind.)  "I think that would be fun...."  Gomamon winked at Sora one more time.  "Be right back...."  Gomamon turned around and disappeared under the curtain, his furry tail being the last to disappear.


Sora sighed as she looked at her surroundings, feeling more vulnerable now that Gomamon was gone.  "I'll be waiting right here...."



The pokemon/digimon crossover lemon I promised will be a bit late; I just got inspired doing this lemon and finished it right away.  Any suggestions, plot ideas, comments, request, or wishes to be on my mailing list, send them to






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Saturday, 6 September 2008


                This lemon contains sexual situations involving the TV show Digimon. Do no proceed if you are under eighteen or this material is Illegal in your jurisdiction.



                This is something that many people never thought would happen.  An El Intruder/ Red Rover dual lemon.  Those of you who know the history between us probably know what we are talking about.  Speaking as Red Rover (The guy in the Red Text) I'll admit we had some bad words, ok more than that.  But we made up, plus the added fact El Intruder came up with this GREAT idea for a lemon.  Plus the fact I can't stand anyone who likes Gomamon that much.  God I laughed so hard when we ended up discussing this idea. Basically we will be taking turns in this lemon, each writing a section than letting the other take over.  This is a semi cross over lemon between Jackie Chan adventures/Digimon, though there actually is no characters from Jackie Chan that really appear in this lemon.  Oh and to help those who don't watch the TV show Jackie Chan Adventures, the talismans we are talking about grant a special power depending on the Talisman.




The Twelve Talismans


Chapter 3- The Ox Talisman - Super Strength




                Gomamon hummed as he used the Invisibility power to make himself invisible again, Palmon sun tanning on the beach on a towel.  She looked rather stunning, naked of course, her little green tail sticking out to the sun casting a thin shadow across her butt cheek as she dozed softly.  (Mmmm half tempted just to cop a feel or two now....)   Gomamon thought to himself as he set up the camera a few feet away, invisible with his power, pointed directly at Palmon sun bathing.  He had replaced the tape with a fresh one, the Mimi one being stored in his sacked squirreled away in the bushes for him to take home later.  She did not tan of course, but as a plant she absorbed the sun like food.  Gomamon took extended lengths to be quiet as he set up his camera to record what would hopefully be his third conquest.  Gomamon moved out from the trees, turning visible.  "Now then... sex on the beach begins..." Gomamon looked at his flippers, the talismans appearing yet again.  "Mmmm let see...." Gomamon touched the next one over the snake, an ox's head.  Gomamon smiled as he felt a power flow through him.  "Let's see... a rabbit makes you super fast... a stealthy creature like a snake makes you invisible....  so an ox....."  Gomamon grabbed a rock on the beach three times his size and lifted it over his head like it was nothing.  "Makes you strong, duh..." Gomamon chuckled as he flung the stone over his head, right into the ocean, sending up a spray of water that shot beads of water on to the slumbering Palmon.

                Palmon was an early to riser, unlike her partner Mimi who slept in till noon.  She had been here when the sun rose, always enjoying the view and being hit by the first rays of light.  She enjoyed an hour of two of sunbathing before Mimi woke up, drinking the sun rays. Often she would fall asleep, in perfect contentment.  Although this time, a spray of water woke her up.  "Huh?"  Palmon stretched her arms over her head as she woke up, she wasn't in that deep off a sleep.  "What was that?"

                "Sorry, that was me."  Gomamon smiled as he walked out of the bushes, thinking of a way to exploit this new found super strength he had.

                Palmon's eyes widened in recognition as the furry seal type digimon came into view.  "Gomamon!" Palmon smiled as she hugged Gomamon.  "What on earth are you doing half way around the world?!"

                "Well I just went for my morning swim around the world."  Gomamon stretched his flippers.  "You know, keep in shape."

                "Gomamon be serious."  Palmon giggled at Gomamon.

                "Well I can bench my weight, and by weight I mean I can bench press my weight as Zudomon.  What is that, one hundred tons?"  Gomamon flexed his flippers.  "Give me a week I'll be able to bench press Machinedramon."

                "Gomamon be serious." Palmon smirked.  "Heck I can beat you in an arm wrestle."

                Gomamon smiled.  "Oh really?"

                "Really." Palmon placed her hands on her hips.

                "Then how about a friendly wager, you win, you have to give me a blow job." Gomamon smirked.

                "What?!" Palmon gasped at Gomamon sudden and unexpected perverseness.

                "What scared you'll lose?" Gomamon smiled as he rested on his belly.

`               "Well I am not going to make a bet like that!" Palmon replied at the idea.

                "Why? It's win/win."   Gomamon smirked back at Palmon.

                "Nice try.  Maybe I'll play for a kiss." Palmon puckered her green lips, closing her eyes.

                "Hmmm tell you what." Gomamon smiled evilly.  "I'll sweeten the deal.  You can use any form you want."

                Palmon stopped for a second.  "You mean my Togemon form?" Palmon referred to the massive cactus ten times her currently side and about one hundred times the weight.

                "If you want." Gomamon shrugged his shoulders.  "But if you lose, you have to give me a blow job, and swallow."

                Palmon thought for a second.  Togemon was one of the stronger champion forms period.  For sheer strength it could beat most any rookie or champion.  Gomamon was not very strong even for a rookie, this form of his was built for swimming.  What did she have to worry about?  "Ok deal but if I win, the same thing. Blowjob with swallow."

                Gomamon smirked.  (Well I'll be, she's a slut after all.)  "All right deal."

                "Good  Betamon will love my gift."  Palmon began to walk to the house.

                "Whoa whoa!"  Gomamon ran up to Palmon.  "Betamon?!  The green amphibian digimon of Michael, you know, the GUY Betamon?!"

                "Oh yes. He has a rather cute crush on you." Palmon bent down and rubbed Gomamon's chin with a finger.  "He has a fantasy about you yiffing him up the butt in the bottom of the leg.  Oh he'll be tickled pink when I give him to you."

                "Wait a second I thought...." Gomamon started to stutter.

                "Why would I want a blow job?"  Palmon stood straight up.  "In case you hadn't realized it I am a girl.  I don't really get anything from sucking you off."

                "Yeah but...." Gomamon shuddered at the thought.

                "I mean really, what would I want with one of those?" Palmon held out her hands.   "Anyway I just need to get close enough to Mimi to digivolve.  I'll be right back. Better start sucking those claws on your flippers.  You'll need the practice."

                Gomamon started rubbing his flippers together.  'Oh man, what the hell I've gotten myself into...." Gomamon looked at his flippers. Twelve symbols came into existence as he thought about them.  "No I am going to be fine. I mean, if worse comes to worse I can turn invisible and run back to Japan at top speed to save my ass."  Gomamon looked behind him.  "Or at least my asshole."

                Gomamon's head turned back as he heard a loud stomping sound.  He looked up as the tress parted, a huge cactus with eyes and boxing gloves walking through.  Togemon smiled as she lied down, sending up a bit of sand as she placed her massive arm in the arm wrestling position.  AReady?@

                Gomamon looked at his flipper, the ox symbol appearing ever so briefly.  Gomamon got next to Togemon, pressing his flipper against the boxing glove bigger than he was.  AOh yeah.@

                Togemon smirked, she'd let Gomamon tire himself out. If she tried she'd end up break his flipper, and most likely the rest of him.  "Feel free to start."

                Gomamon smiled as he felt the strength of the ox flow through him.  "Thanks."

                BAM!  Togemon's arm went down so fast it took Togemon a second to realize what happened. Her boxing glove left a huge sandpit where it landed.  Gomamon stood up, leaning way over in an awkward position, his flipper on top of Togemon's glove.   "What the?!" Togemon looked at her arm like it betrayed her.

                "Now then..."  Gomamon fell back on the sand, his flippers wide.  "Start lightly, kissing the head.  Then I want you to lick up and down the shaft, kissing my balls occasionally...."

                Togemon growled as she lifted her hand up.  "Double or nothing!" Togemon placed her massive arm up again.

                "Hmmmm...." Gomamon pretended to think for a second.  "Tempting,  but I don't want two blow jobs...." Gomamon flipped on his stomach on the sand.  "Tell me Palmon, how about you wager another hole?"

                "Fine!" Togemon announced, not really thinking.  "My pussy then."

                "Oh goodie."  Gomamon smirked as he readied himself, then thought to himself.  "In your Lillymon form."

                Togemon glared a little, Gomamon had thought of that.  She figured Gomamon may back down if she chose this form if by some freak occurrence he won a second time.  "Ok deal."

                Gomamon placed his flipper on the red boxing glove, again having to sit halfway up in order to get a half decent grip. "You can start."  Gomamon smirked.  Togemon growled and did just that, pushing hard against Gomamon=s flipper.  And nothing.   Gomamon smiled as he stayed motionless, the ox strength flowing through his entire body.   "I said you can start...."

                Togemon started to sweat stick sap.  "You.... how did... you get so strong?"

                "For being with Lillymon?" Gomamon smiled as he suddenly pushed.  "I'd move mountains."  Gomamon slammed the massive boxing glove hard on the ground, right in the same sand pit.

                Togemon brought her hand up from the sand pit after Gomamon let her, Gomamon a huge grin on his face.  Togemon stood up, looking at her massive hand like it betrayed her. Suddenly she stiffened.  "Wait right here!" Togemon roared as she stomped off back in Mimi's direction.

                Gomamon smirked as he looked where the invisible camera is.  "And now for scene two seal boy is going to get some sweet lovin' from a hot plant fairy."  Gomamon smirked at the camera, or the place where it would be more or less.  All he could see was a thin depression in the little sand dune where he set up the camera.   (I wonder how it manages to take a movie on invisible film?)  Gomamon thought to himself as Lillymon came walking over to meet him, the tall plant fairy dwarfing the smaller digimon.  (Although right now, does it really matter?)  Gomamon looked up at Lillymon, getting a rather decent view up her skirt, one of the benefits about being built close to the ground.

                "All right, just the form I wanted to see."  Gomamon licked his lips.  "Now then I think I will start my blow job..."          

                Lillymon placed her hand on the ground.  "I just didn't have enough leverage."

                "Three in a row?" Gomamon got down and placed his flipper up to Lillymon's hand.  "Well you do realize you only have one hole left to wager."

                "Yes, yes my butt." Lillymon replied.  "But I am going to prove to you I can beat you."

                "Hmmmm not enough." Gomamon smiled as he held on to Lillymon's hands.  "Two holes to one." Gomamon pretended to think.  "If I win, I get mouth, pussy, ass, hand job, and a tit fuck."  Gomamon looked down at Lillymon's breasts.  "I must admit I always dreamed about having my dick between your ample rack."

                Lillymon stared long in hard at Gomamon.  "Ok you cocky little seal.  But that's five things.  If I win, you let Betamon fuck your ass." Lillymon smirked, deciding to take advantage of Gomamon's cockiness.  "And then you suck him."

                "Deal."  Gomamon realized he could not lose.  Hell Lillymon could bet him to have Seadramon, Beta's champion sea serpent form that probably had a dick longer that Gomamon was, anal him, and he'd take the bet.

                Lillymon placed her arm against Gomamon's flipper. She still couldn't figure out how he managed to beat her twice before.  Lillymon hoped that the fact this form was a lot stronger than it looked might take Gomamon off guard.  "Ready?"

                "Oh yeah." Gomamon smirked, when suddenly Lillymon pushed down hard, Gomamon was so cocky he wasn't even paying attention.

                Lillymon didn't hold anything back, and this time she actually managed to take Gomamon by surprise, getting his arm half way down.  "Ha!" Lillymon grimaced.  "Betamon's going... to love this...."

                Gomamon smiled back.  He had caught himself before he was pinned, but now that he was actually trying, this was easy.  "Only if you plan...." Gomamon pretended to strain, but he just wanted to see the look on Lillymon's face as he slowly beat him.  "On letting him yiff you...." Gomamon looked into Lillymon's face, and smiled.  "After you're done with me!"  Gomamon slammed Lillymon's arm in the sand.  He looked up, smiling for a second before he released Lillymon=s hand.

                Lillymon yanked her hand up, a look of surprise on her face.  AHow did you manage to beat me?!"  Lillymon shouted in exasperation looking at her hand.

                "Simple, I wanted it more."  Gomamon moved up to Lillymon and placed a claw on her dress, pulling down the material from around her neck.   "Ohhh man....  I am so glad I thought of that tit fuck."

                Lillymon backed up and pulled up her dress again, her facing turning a deep shade of crimson.  "Gomamon, you aren't going to... you know, hold me to that deal?"  Lillymon blushed red.

                "Well we could go ask Mimi for her opinion."  Gomamon smiled evilly.  "We can hold a vote."

                "No I don't want Mimi to know!"  Lillymon gasped.  Mimi still thought of Palmon as sweet and pure, and to an extent she was.  She was a virgin in the sense she had never had a penis in her mouth, pussy, or vagina, but she wasn't completely navie.

                Gomamon realized how awkward Lillymon felt.  She really wanted to back out of this.  A gentlemon would not force a lady.  Gomamon however, decided he wasn’t a gentlemon.  If he was a nice, respectful digimon, he would use these powers only for good and never for personal gain.  And he would mostly likely die a virgin.  "Tell you what."  Gomamon lay on his back.  "We'll start easy.  A hand job."

                "Goma...." Lillymon pleaded.

                "Come on Lillymon." Gomamon smiled as he but his flippers in the near invisble pouch.   "I put my ass on the line, literally!"  Gomamon reminded Lillymon.  "Come on it won't bite..."

                Lillymon looked at the strange cock.  She was a virgin, though she did wonder about going all the way.  She had talked to Betamon about sex, about guys. But since Betamon was gay nothing really happened.  Nothing really being a relative term.  Though it was kind of nice asking Betamon what he found attractive about who.  (Apparently, TK had a really tight ass to Betamom.  Palmon agreed.)  "All right I guess this ok..."

                Gomamon smiled as Lillymon's hand wrapped around his shaft.  "Mmm you got soft hands."    Gomamon leaned his head back, feeling the wet sand press against the back of his neck.  "Now move you hand up and down."

                Lillymon complied, and began to gently move her hand up the length of the shaft.  "How's that?"  Lillymon asked in almost a whisper.

                "Not bad, but you can squeeze just a bit harder." Gomamon moaned with his eyes closed.

                Lillymon blushed, not even looking at the shaft as she jerked him off.   She couldn't believe she was doing this. Sure Gomamon was one of her best friends, and cute.  but this came out of no where.  Lillymon hardly expected to be jerking her seal buddy in the middle of the beach.  Lillymon was so lost in though as she continued to squeeze the slippery seal dick.

                Gomamon moaned as he leaned back. Hand jobs were always so much better when given by a member of the opposite sex.  Of course a hand job was always as much better when you simply had hands.  Gomamon murred as he felt his shaft get rigidly hard, Lillymon not even paying attention as her smooth hand went fast over the shaft.  "MMmm stop!"  Gomamon ordered as he panted.

                "What?!"  Lillymon took her hand away quickly, snapping out of his trance.  "Did I hurt you?" Lillymon asked panicking.

                "I only got so much in me." Gomamon panted on his back.  "And you still owe me."

                "Come on Goma, this is big for me."  Lillymon replied.  "I honestly didn't expect to get up, eat a healthy breakfast, and go jack my friend in the middle of the beach."

                "Man you learnt the lingo fast!" Gomamon sat up.  "Yiff, Jack.  Where'd that sweet naive Palmon go?"

                "Ok so I grew up a bit." Lillymon sat on the sand.  "Me and Betamon talk a lot, he is my closest friend here.  I was the first person he told about his gayness."

                "I don't suppose he tried the 'try and cure me of gayness?' trick did he?" Gomamon cocked an eyebrow.

                "What kinds of sick male would try that?"  Lillymon put on a disgusted look.

                "Err not me...." Gomamon mumbled.  "Besides it never worked for me...."

                "What was that?" Lillymon asked.

                "Nothing, anyway, I want another part of my bet."  Gomamon smiled hungrily.  "Lie down on your back."

                "Gomamon come on..." Lillymon lay on her back in the sand, not wanting to cop out of the bet. 

                "Listen..." Gomamon jumped up on Lillymon’s stomach.  "This is really nothing to big right now." Gomamon kept talking, it kept Lillymon distracted as he gripped the top of her dress.  "I mean you've already given me a hand job, so I've been as exposed to you as I can possibly be...."

                "True..." Lillymon admitted as Gomamon pulled down her dress.  "But you wanted that!" Lillymon blushed bright red.

                "But it did turn you on." Gomamon smirked as he pulled the dress over Lillymon's breasts, her big breasts now in full view.  "I mean, look at your nipples." Gomamon grabbed Lillymon's left tit between two of his claws.  "There so hard."

                Lillymon gasped in pleasure.  "Mmm I admit it was fun..."

                Gomamon placed his tongue on the same tit.  "I mean there's nothing wrong with having a bit of fun is there?"  Gomamon played with Lillymon's tit. Making small circles around the areola.

                "Mmm.... no...." Lillymon moaned as Gomamon worked her nipple, turning her on.

                "Good."  Gomamon stopped licking her nipple, but began to massage both breasts with his flippers.  "Now squeeze your breasts tightly together." Gomamon licked his lips.

                "Mmmm ok..."  Lillymon chuckled.  She had never thought of this before.  Of course, usually she was in her Palmon a-cup size breasts, and could not do this.  That was one benefit this form had, her ample jugs.  Of course as Palmon, she had vines that could keep her personally satisfied for hours on end.

                "Oh baby!" Gomamon moaned as he felt the tightness engulf his prick.  He went right to work, fucking the tight make shift pussy hard and fast. his little red dick poking in and out of the cleavage again for a brief instant.

                Lillymon moaned softly, while she clearly wasn't in as much enjoyment as Gomamon was, this was nice.  Her breasts were being squeezed by Gomamon as the horny digimon continued his frantic humping

                Gomamon kept his pace up, his little red dick becoming a blur.  He no longer felt like holding back, and just worked on releasing his seed.   He looked at Lillymon's face, panting. "Almost there, almost there..."  Gomamon panted when he thrust forward one more time, and held it there.  "Mmmm yeah!"  Gomamon arched his head back as he came.  The red seal prick started to pulse white seal cream as his naturally slicked dick moved rapidly up and down between the rack.

                Lillymon closed her eyes just as a streak of white cum hit her on the left side of her face.  "Ewwww...."  Lillymon released her cleavage, and wiped her face with her hand.  "I really don't like the way it feels on me!"

                "Excuse me?"  Gomamon rested between Lillymon's tits.  "I thought you said you never did anything like this before?"  Gomamon looked accusingly at Lillymon.

                "Well.... kinda.... Although me and Betamon.... masturbated in front of each other a number of times."  Lillymon blushed again.

                "What?!"  (You mean even a gay guy got more from the Palmon than from me?!)   Gomamon gasped.

                "Well we were talking about sex, about boys." Lillymon brushed as Gomamon rested on his stomach.   "He told me how thought about... you when he jacked off."

                (Ok that is a mental picture I did NOT need.)  Gomamon winced.  (NOT to mention the fact Betamon thinks I am hot!)  "Ok...."

                "I asked him how he could even do that, and... he showed me."  Lillymon blushed.  "Apparently he is quite flexible.  He can suck his own dick."

                (IMAGE IMAGE!)  Gomamon's mind screamed. 

                "I said I could top that... and I used my vines as Palmon."  Lillymon's voice dropped to a whisper.  "Whenever we were alone we would masturbate in front of the other...  He was gay and he honestly did have no real interest in me."

                "I find that hard to believe." Gomamon gave Lillymon's breasts a squeeze.

                "No it's true." Lillymon laughed as she stroked Gomamon's head.  "I came on to him one of the times.  We were having one of our masturbation sessions.  He was licking his own cock, I was using my vines in my pussy... and I let one of my vines drift over."

                (Maybe the gay angle does work?)  Gomamon thought to himself as he lightly humped Lillymon's chest, feeling his own swet and cum on his dick.  (Thought the magical animal pictures on my flippers work very nicely as well.)

                "He gasped as my vines wrapped around his cock.... he seemed very surprise as I started to rub him.  He looked like he was going to say something, till I put another vine in his asshole, one of his fantasies."  Lillymon went on.  "I put two more in his mouth, and wrppaed another vine around his balls."

                (Lord, I am going to need to bang  every digital female to get the image if Betamon being raped by tentacles out of my memory.)  Gomamon shivered a bit as the crystal clear image got in his head..

                "I made it slow and long, he was enjoying it.  I moved close, and I kissed his cock just as he came, covering my face with cum." Lillymon blushed a little.   "I pulled my viens out of him, his cock was still rather hard.  I tried to go down on him, but he stopped me." Lillymon looked a little ashamed.

                (Boy Betamon is a fool. Even gay you'd think he want some more of those tentacles.  Maybe not up the butt like he did, but man imagine what those things could do to a cock!)  Gomamon chuckled.  He must admit Palmon's tentacles were inviting, course in Palmon he could never get a good tit fuck.

                "He realized that I was attracted to him, even if he was gay."  Lillymon sighed as she rubbed Gomamon's head.   "That was the last time we did anything like that. We talk, but that's it.  To be honest I kinda miss it.  It was fun to you know, do it in front of an audience   It made it more exciting."

                "Well...."  Gomamon smirked as he move up a little.  "If you ever want to masturbate if front of me..."  Gomamon began to kiss Lillymon on the face.

                "Gomamon you are so incorrigible."  Lillymon laughed as Gomamon licked the side of her face.

                "Well I was willing to get butt screwed by Betamon to be with you." Gomamon continued to lap at Lillymon's face.  "That should count from some points."

                "Well...." Lillymon smiled a little.  "True, but you seemed to know you were going to win."

                "Oh come on.  To be given a blowjob by you?  I'd take on the dark masters myself."  Gomamon smiled as he began to get horny again.  "Now someone owes me a little oral treatment."  Gomamon sat up on Lillymon's chest, using her breasts as a back support.  Gomamon's red seal prick stood straight up.

                "MMm Gomamon I really don't want you to cum in my mouth..." Lillymon’s voice dropped.

                "Aww you promised to swallow." Gomamon reminded with a smirk.

                "Goma..."  Lillymon pleaded.

                "Ok ok... I promise not cum in your mouth."  Gomamon held up his flipper.  "But only if you put a drop from your hand on your tongue first and at least swallow that."

                Lillymon held up her cum covered hand.  She did taste Betamon's before, maybe it was just the fact she was unused to it.   Lillymon held her hand over her mouth, one drop of cum slowly forming on her index finger, before breaking off.  Lillymon let the drop land on her tongue, and closed her lips tight.   She held it in her mouth for a second, before swallowing. She made a bit of a face.  "Not my favourite."

                Gomamon shrugs.  "Ok ok.  But come on, I know you aren't the type to welch on a wager.  I mean if I lost I'd have to give in to Betamon."  (If you could catch a super fast invisble ultra strong digimon, of course.)   Gomamon thought to himself as well, as he moved up Lillymon's chest, his dick bouncing against her lower lip.

                Lillymon sighed, although she was starting to enjoy himself in a weird perverse way. She had always thought about this stuff, masturbated to it.  True her first crush was Betamon, but was it really harmful to fool around a bit?  "All right Gomamumph!"

                Lillymon never really had a chance to finish her sentence.  Gomamon had thrust his member into her lips, moaning.  "Mmm that's the way!"  Lillymon didn't really do much then let Gomamon pump in her mouth a few times.  "Now use your tongue.... you can pretended I am Betamon if you want, I don't mind."

                Lillymon giggled into the dick, hugging Gomamon's back. The joke had the desire effect, relaxing the digimon plant fairy as she started to rub her tongue over the under side of the shaft. "mmmmm?"  Lillymon asked, the question intelligible in the dick.

                "Oh yes, you are doing very good!"  Gomamon panted as Lillymon sucked hard, now enjoying this action, and rubbing his back at the same time.   "Very good!"  Gomamon panted as he placed his flippers on her flower head, moving in and out.  "Too good!" Gomamon panted as a drop of precum fell into Lillymon's mouth.  "Ok pull out!"  Gomamon gasped, using his will power to keep from letting himself go.

                "Mmmmphhh!"  Lillymon murred as the warm dick left her lips.  She gasped, licking her lips.

                "Man you don't know how badly I wanted to cum there!"  Gomamon panted as his dick rested on her neck.  "But of course.... I kept my promise."  (And I think I only have enough for one last shot.  Should have rested after doing Mimi.) 

                "Gomamon...."  Lillymon blushed as she looked at the horny little seal on her chest.  "This is fun... but...."

                "Oh come on Lilly!" Gomamon begged, as he half stood up.  "I didn't cum in your mouth like you wanted.  But man don't leave me like this!"

                Lillymon sighed as she looked at the throbbing member.  "I'll... finish you off with my hands, or even my mouth...."

                Gomamon slide down her chest some more, running his flipper over her breasts.  "Come on, I kept my promise, I didn't cum in your mouth."

                "This is my virginity we're talking about here."  Lillymon murred running her legs together.

                Gomamon thought for a moment, he wanted Lillymon to be willing, but she seemed more concerned about her virginity then anything.  "Well, let me do your butt first.  If you feel like it, then we'll do pussy, if not I promise to leave it at that."  Gomamon smiled sweetly.  (And if you believe that, I will go right up to Tai with those video tapes of me fucking his little sister Kari.)

                "Won't it hurt?"  Lillymon asked as Gomamon slide down between her legs.

                Gomamon chuckled to himself.  He made it out like some huge deal that he was giving Lillymon anal sex.  "Nah I am lubed, and though I hate to admit I am not the biggest digimon down there."  Gomamon grabbed Lillymon by the hips.  "But it's not the size, it's how you use it!"  Gomamon chuckled as he lifted Lillymon straight up, the ox strength making this a miniscule effort on his part.

                "Whoa!" Lillymon gasped as Gomamon lifted her complete up off the ground.  "Gomamon!"  Lillymon was placed on her hands and knees.

                "Now then, let's remove those..." Gomamon spread her skirt wide.  "panties?"

                "Oh... um...." Lillymon blushed.  "I... don't often form with panties.  I find them very restrictive.... I wish I could go naked all the time like in my Palmon form but I tried that once as Lillymon....  I discovered human has public nudity laws."

                (Oh now there is a sight Gabumon would love!  not to mention me!)  Gomamon smiled as he pulled Lillymon's skirt up over her hips, getting a perfect view of her perfect ass.  "Well you can be naked around me all you want."

                "Ahhh sweet of you Gomamon." Lillymon chuckled as she was pulled straight back suddenly.  "Gomamon now what are you doing?!"  Lillymon was lifted in the air.

                "Doing all the work like a good gentlemon."  Gomamon chuckled as he pulled Lillymon down, slamming his dick into her tight asshole

                "Ohhhh Gomamon..." lillymon squirmed as she felt the dick enter her ass with just the minuteness trace of pain.   "This is... so kinky...." She giggled as she clenched her ass cheek.

                Gomamon lifted Lillymon up and down his cock a few times, moaning softly as Lillymon clenched her butts.   "mmmm it feels good.... What about you?"

                Lillymon giggled, more surprised that Gomamon was so strong than anything.  "IT feels... kinda weird..... not a bad weird though..."  Lillymon moaned softly as the warm rod penetrating again. Her own soft hands rubbed her pussy slightly, Lillymon not having any sexual release from this activity, and it was starting to show.  "Ohhh..." Lillymon groaned after a few minutes, rubbing her clit with two fingers.  She was enjoying the treatment a lot now, the dick in her ass a wonderful stimulant to her masturbation..

                (Well I feel like I have enough for one more round.... though she still seems a bit reluctant for that one last treasure between her legs.  Maybe a bit of encouragement is what she needs.)  Gomamon put on his best smile.  "You are rather enjoying this..."  Gomamon continued to thrust into her tight little asshole.

                "mmmm yes..." Lillymon moaned slightly as she continued to play with herself.

                Gomamon slowly took his dick from her asshole, placing her on the ground, hearing a somewhat disappointed sigh.  "Well the least I can do is help you along your way."  Gomamon crawled from behind the girl and up between Lillymon's legs.

                Lillymon moved her fingers from her cunt.  "What are you doing?"  Lillymon asked as Gomamon went to her pussy.

                Gomamon placed two claws from one flipper in side Lillymon's cunt, and gently puled it apart.  "You are so wet."  Gomamon admired the canal, now gaping wide.  He smiled.

                "I don't know..."  Lillymon moaned softly as she was touched in her most intimate of places.  She was wanting this more and more though.

                "Ohhh i just want to give your pussy...."  Gomamon tapped the suppers speed rabbit symbol on his flipper, activating his super speed.  "One good fast lick...." Gomamon smiled as he placed his tongue on her clit, and started to lap, using a trick he used on Kari not even a day before.

                Lillymon gasped as she arched her head back. Gomamon's tongue seemed to be everywhere at once on her pussy, across in her lips, on her clit, licking her hole. "Go.. go... oh.. oh god!"  Lillymon could hardly speak, in thirty seconds Gomamon had brought her to the very brink.

                Gomamon stopped, seeing from Lillymon's moans, and the fact that she was rubbing her breasts together was driving her nuts.  "Now then.... about the last hole...."  Gomamon bent forward, and licked her one last slow agonizing time across her pussy lips, as if to heighten her ecstasy.

                Lillymon had stopped caring about saving her virginity for the right moment. As far as she was concerned, this was the right moment.  "Fuck me!" Lillymon moaned as Gomamon lapped her pussy one last time. "Fuck me now!"

                (Am I good or am I good?)  Gomamon smiled as he  moved up, sliding his tongue up over her clit to her belly button.  His red dick was hard, ready to release one last time as he thrust into her cunt with ease, taking her virginity with one movement of his furry hips.  "Lillymon!"  Gomamon gasped as his dick was enveloped by the tight vaginal walls.

                "Gomamon, just do it!" Lillymon was so horny after the brief tongue licking, she just wanted to get off.  "I need to cum!"  Lillymon's hands reached down and grabbed his furry ass, and shoved him forward, the last inch of red dick shoving into her cunt.  "Mmmmm Goma!"

                Gomamon panted as he started to fuck Lillymon fast and hard, he to was hot and horny from the last few minutes, Lillymon's taste still hung on his lips.  "Lillymon... I am getting close...." Gomamon panted as he felt Lillymon's hands drag all over his back, Lillymon moaning louder and louder.

                "Goma.. goma... goma...."  Lillymon closed her eyes and started to buck her hips.  Her voiced became more and more shrill as she arched her head back.  "Gomamon... I am going to... oh GOMA!" Lillymon came hard, her strawberry smelling cunt suddenly filling the air with her aroma as she hugged Gomamon tightly, holding him in place as she came with an orgasmic moan.

                "Uhhhhh Lillymon!"  Gomamon murred as his dick was held in place in the wet dripping cunt.  "I... oh..."  Gomamon's hips vibrated slightly as he started to pump his last bit of digi cream into the girl.  "Lillymon...." Gomamon whispered softly as he was all drained out, his limp dick dripping one last spurt of cum into Lillymon's satisfied cunt.

                "Mmmm Gomamon... that was good...."  Lillymon smiled as Gomamon’s dick shriveled into his furry pouch, Lillymon was feeling a bit disappointed that the warm red dick leaving her tingling pussy.  "Very good...."

                "Mmmm with me it always is."  Gomamon smiled as he lat on her naked belly, feeling totally satisfied. (At least with these wonderful powers).  Gomamon chuckled to himself.

                Lillymon lay on the ground panting, cum dripping from her pussy hole.  She began to glow slightly, her body shining from the extended use of her Lillymon form.  Soon her small Palmon form took place. Palmon smiled as she snuggled close to Gomamon.  "Mmmm Gomamon.... that was incredible...."

                "Mmm I may not be your Betamon crush..."  Gomamon wrapped his flipper tightly around her shoulder.

                "Mmmm forgot about Betamon..." Palmon kissed the side of his furry white cheek.  "I have all the mon I have right here."



                Another fave couple of mine.  Something about Lillymon and Gomamon seem so cute together.  Anyway up next, as if you may not have figured it out, is Palmon and Gomamon.  Any suggestions, plot ideas, comments, request, or wishes to be on my mailing list, send them to This lemon was proof-read by Neo



-               This lemon contains sexual situations involving the TV show Digimon. Do not proceed if you are under eighteen or this material is Illegal in your jurisdiction.

This is something that many people never thought would happen, an El Intruder/ Red Rover dual lemon. Those of you who know the history between us probably know what we are talking about. Speaking as Red Rover, I’ll admit we had some bad words, ok more than that. But we made up, plus the added fact El Intruder came up with this GREAT idea for a lemon. Plus the fact I can't stand anyone who likes Gomamon that much. God I laughed so hard when we ended up discussing this idea. Basically we will be taking turns in this lemon, each writing a section than letting the other take over. This is a semi cross over lemon between Jackie Chan adventures/Digimon, though there are no actual characters from Jackie Chan that really appear in this lemon. Oh and to help those who don't watch the TV show Jackie Chan Adventures, the talismans we are talking about grant a special power depending on the Talisman.  This lemon is also based on an old picture of Palmon when she was covered head to toe (Or flower to stem) with cum.



The Twelve Talismans


Chapter 4- The Horse Talisman - Healing





                Gomamon and Palmon snuggled on the beach, basking in the after glow.    Gomamon had used the strength talisman to trick Palmon into fucking him, in her Ultimate Lillymon form.  She was wonderful, begging for it in the end.  In fact she still seemed horny. While Gomamon just want to rest, Palmon's hands did not stop moving.  Her long spindly fingers dance over his cheeks, his chest, and his stomach. In-between she would kiss him on the face.  "Mmmm...." Gomamon moaned, not able to do much else.

                "Gomamon...."  Palmon whispered in his ear.  Her leafy palm draping down between his legs.

                "Palmon..." Gomamon murred.  "What are you doing?"

                "I am still felling a bit frisky...."  Palmon rubbed a little harder on his pouch.  "This is my first time... and I just don't want it to end...."

                AMmmm I am totally spentY.@  Gomamon panted as he wrapped a flipper around Palmon.  (If I knew she would have so hornyY. I would have fucked her first before Mimi.)

                "Come on, surely you have one more in you...."  Palmon murred as she slipped her fingers into her furry pouch. 

                Gomamon murred as he looked at his flipper.  Oddly, one of the talismans was glowing softly, the horse talisman.  (Odd....)  Palmon didn't seem to notice, she was too busy taking his red seal shaft into her palm, trying to get it erect for one last ride.  (Why is that symbol glowing?   Maybe it's the penis one... makes me hung like a horse....)  Gomamon smiled to himself as Palmon took his limp member in her mouth, and was doing her best to make him hard again.  His left flipper rested on her back as the plant tongue rubbed the underside of his sensitive dick.  (Well I promised myself to use very power for a different girl, but Palmon is sort of different.... and horny... ah hell let's give it a shot.  I am so spent though I am not exactly sure what it'll do.)  Gomamon smiled as he tapped the symbol with his nose.  The horse symbol burned brightly for a second, when all off a sudden a renewed sense of vigor filled Gomamon.  He no longer felt tired, and not only tired, he felt horny again!

                Palmon gurgled as the red shaft suddenly sprang to like in his mouth, as hard as it could be. AI thought you were spentY.@  Palmon giggled as she removed her mouth from the throbbing shaft.  "I guess you just needed a little prodding.

                (So was I, but this horse power... geeze!  Not to mention I feel like I haven't got off in a week!)  Gomamon smiled as he looked at Palmon.  "Speaking of prodding....." Gomamon smiled his dick so painful hard it hurt.

                "Uhhhhh...."  Palmon smiled, she had only cum once, and that as Lillymon.  She so want to try more of this her body hungry for more.  Masturbating with her vines was fun, lots of fun.  But this... this was much better.  "Mmmm.... how about this?" Palmon got on her hands and knees, and turned around, her green ass facing Gomamon.  She lifted her tiny short tail high, exposing her self.  "I always wanted to try it in this position."

                "Doggy style?" Gomamon licked his lips as he admired the sexy green butt.  "And where did a sweet little plant like you learn about this position?"

                "Well Betamon was talking about he would like you to mount..."  Palmon started chuckling, half turning his head.

                Gomamon winced as a mental image started to form in his head again. "Oh please, just stop right there!"

                "Mmmm then get started you sexy little digi-stud." Palmon turned her head back, and wiggled her hips slightly, inviting the seal digimon to mount her.

                Gomamon smiled as he flipped on his stomach, a bit too hard as his dick dragged across the coarse sand, scraping the soft skin on his member a bit.  He winced, he forgot that he had to be careful walking with an erection. (Mmmm fuck that hurt!)  Gomamon grimaced as he bit his lip.  He looked down, hunching up on his flippers.  His dick was bleeding slightly underneath.  (Uhhhhh fuck... now that is a mood killer....)  Gomamon got down on his stomach again, still hornier than hell.  Palmon was wiggling her ass back and forth slowly. (Mmmm it's not that bad... maybe it won't hurt that much....) Gomamon looked at his flippers, getting ready to mount the girl.  The horse talisman suddenly burned brightly on his flipper.  (Huh.....)  Gomamon thought as he tapped it again, still grimacing in pain. Suddenly the pain was gone, instantly.  (Well I'll be....)  Gomamon took a second look at his dick. His member was completely healed, no sign of the nasty scraped he had early.  (Oh I get it! The horse heals you.  How did that saying go? As healthy as a horse?  Makes sense, I guess.)

                "Gomamon!"  Palmon suddenly snapped at him.

                "Huh?"  Gomamon looked up from his now healed dick, his trance broken.

                Palmon looked back, a slightly look of annoyance on her face.  "It's not nice to keep a womon waiting.  Especially like this!"

                "Opps sorry." Gomamon smiled as he hunched up, and jumped up on Palmon's back, the tiny green bumps that etched down her spine bumping into his furry chest.  His hard dick prodded under her.  He smiles as he feels his dick part the folds of her pussy.

                "Mmm well you should be...." Palmon smiled softly as she felt his seal rod slip deep inside her.  It felt so much bigger in this form, of course her Lillymon form was almost twice as large than this one.   "You better make it up to me...."

                'I plan on...."  Gomamon smiled as he started to move in and out in a rhythmic fashion out of the tight digi-girl's pussy.  Lillymon's pussy was nice, but Palmon was oh so much tighter.  Gomamon just fucked her pussy hard and fast, moaning loudly.

                "Goma..."  Palmon groaned out her lover's name as she was taken hard and fast. Her pussy started to tingle after a good minute of fucking, indicating that her orgasm was starting to build in her system.

                Gomamon however, was closing in on his own zenith much faster.  Her moaned as he slammed in hard, pre cum spewing from his piss hole as he held nothing back. "Mmm Palmon... Here I cum!"  Gomamon suddenly shouted as he shot off.

                Palmon murred softly as she felt his warm digi-cum enter her pussy, which was only just starting to feel really good.  She whimpered as Gomamon's humping started to slow down, his cum stream ending, before the humping finally stopped.  "Awwwww Gomamon, you could have held out a little longer." Palmon whined as Gomamon withdrew his dick from her pussy. His cum dripped out and down her left leg.  "I didn't even have a chance to OHHHHH!"  Palmon suddenly gasped loudly, in pain but mostly from surprise.

                Gomamon smiled as he wiggled his red seal prick inside her tight little green asshole.  "Mmmm chance to what?"  Gomamon smiled as he started to pump in her asshole slowly, his dick lubed with pussy juices and seal cum.

                "Mmmm just keep at it...." Palmon murred softly as her ass was taken.   She was no experience in taping it up the butt, but mainly from her own vines.   Gomamon's seal dick pumping in and out of her ass was so much nicer, and the fur rubbing against her back, not to mention the fact Gomamon's flippers were holing her perky a cup sized breasts, made the treatment so much better.  She reached between her trunk like legs with one palm leaf hand, and extended er fingers slightly, rubbing her clit with one vine while the other two began to force the war into her cunt.  "Mmmm Gomamon... cum in my asshole..." Palmon moaned as she was rocked, struggling to keep her balance with just one hand.

                Gomamon smiled as he held on tightly to the digi girl, fucking her hard now. He was impressed at how easily he shoved his dick in her asshole, her being pretty well a virgin and all.  (She must masturbate her asshole as well.... is that hot or what?)  Gomamon murred as he began to pump harder and harder, Palmon’s moans of delight getting higher as they both began to close in on their orgasm.  Gomamon spewed a few drops of pre cum into her asshole, shortly before he exploded in another orgasm.  Hot seal cum splashed deep inside her ass, coating her rectum with cum.

                Palmon felt the digimon cum in her "Mmmm Gomamon!  GOMA!"  Palmon fingers moved like lighting, rubbing her clit, and fucking her pussy at the same time.  She came hard as well, minty smelling cum dripping from her pussy as she moaned orgasmically panting as Gomamon withdrew his dick, his cum dripping down her ass crack as he slid off her back.

                "Mmm that was good!"  Gomamon smiled as he looked at his flipper, the horse talisman picture coming into view.  (And it's going to get better.)  Gomamon smiled as he tapped the picture, the symbol glowing slightly as its magic restored him to full health and vitality.   

                Palmon murred as she rolled on her stomach, her eyes closed in a state off after glow bliss.  "Mmm tell me about it...." Palmon turned her head slightly, just as Gomamon shoved his dick into her mouth.  "MHhmmm!" Palmon moved her head back, spitting.

                "No blow job?"  Gomamon smiled as he sat awkwardly on his back flippers, holding his slick seal dick with one flipper stroking it with his flipper 

                "Goma!  You know where that has been!?"  Palmon wiped her mouth on her arm.  "My ass!"

                "And a lovely ass it was." Gomamon chuckled as he continued to masturbate, his flipper moving faster than usual.  The rabbit talisman was acting as well, breaking him to an orgasm rapidly.

                "Well, you could have cleaned it up first!" Palmon whined as she still had the taste of his dick and her ass lightly in her mouth.  "Now I need something to get that taste out of mouth...."

                Gomamon smiled as his flipper flew on his dick, moving up and down fast.  These powers even made masturbating easier.  "Well, how's this?"  Gomamon smiled as he suddenly shot off, seal cum spewing from his dick.  The cum hit Palmon on the face, a good dollop hit her in the mouth, before the second stream of cum hit her in the chest.

                Palmon gurgled in surprise, feeling the slimy liquid in her mouth. She looked at Gomamon, chuckling as she closed her lips, and swallowed, drinking the tasty seed.  "You can be such a jerk sometimes."  Palmon chuckled.

                "I know, speaking of which....." Gomamon suddenly pushed Palmon on her shoulder.

                "Gomamon!"  Palmon gasped as she was on her back, Gomamon on her chest a split second later.

                Gomamon smiled as he places one of his flipper claws on her lips, opening her mouth slightly. "Open wide..."

                "Mmm Gomamon, you can't possibly still be horny!" Palmon looked up at him as his dick suddenly slipped into her green mouth.  His dick was cleaner now, from his flipper job he had giving to himself “Mmmm?"  Palmon looked up, Gomamon already thrusting in her mouth.

                Gomamon murred as Palmon started to suckle his dick, Gomamon moving her furry hips back and forth.  "You better tell my balls that, because they are still full of cum!"  Gomamon smiled as he half closed his eyes and moaned, his flippers on either side of Palmon's head as he continued to face fuck her. 

                Palmon was surprised as Gomamon face fucked her, but that she didn't like this, she enjoyed the warm rod in her mouth. But he had cum... Well Palmon had lost count to be honest. Yet his dick still felt as solid as rock in her mouth, and Gomamon was an enthusiastic as ever.  (Maybe... it's a trait of Gomamon species? They cum a lot?  I know all digimon mate slightly different....) Palmon thought as she wrapped her arms around Gomamon's furry back, licking the underside of the shaft.  (Whatever it is... it sure does make for great sex!)  Palmon smiled as she continued to suckle, tasting some pre cum on her lips as Gomamon started to close in on yet another orgasm.

                Gomamon smiled as he thrust in again and again, Palmon's hand working all over his tail and asshole.  "You better get ready Palmon!"  Gomamon panted as his thrusting became more and more frantic.  He moaned loudly as he felt the familiar climax hitting him again.  Even more digi cum came spraying from his pisshole, and started to fill Palmon's mouth even as the seal digimon continued his assault on her mouth.

                Palmon felt the digimon cum, and cum hard in her mouth.  There was just as much cum in him as the first time they fucked, and their seemed to be no end.  She let go of Gomamon, the digimon's dick sliding out and hitting under her chest. "Gomamon!"  Palmon gurgled as eh moved her head half up, into Gomamon's furry chest. Cum dripped down her mouth and between her breasts, to join the sperm that already was on her from before.

                Gomamon smiled as he slid off to the side, looking up at Palmon's cum covered chin.  "You are pretty good at that."  Gomamon smiled as Palmon put her lips together swallowing the bit of cum left in her mouth.  (Mmmm and she swallows to... damn is that a turn on or what?!) Gomamon slowly looked down her cum dripping chin, and over her cum soaked breasts. (Of course, a girl covered with cum is just as good in my book. Especially when it is my cum.)

                Palmon just looked at him and smiled softly.  "Gomamon, you never cease to amaze me."  Palmon stood up, stretching her arms slowly, a drop of cum running under side her small green tail.

                Gomamon hummed as he took this moment of distraction to tap the horse picture on his flipper again.  His dick sprung to life, and he looked at Palmon again, his sexual hunger renewed once more.  He suddenly leapt forward, and tackled Palmon by her shoulders.  "Oh, you aren't done yet!"  Gomamon smiled as he lay on top of her, his furry body slipped between her green legs.

                Palmon panted as she looked up at Gomamon's face, feeling the seal prick poke around for an entrance into her.  "Geeze... how much cum do you have left in you?"

                Gomamon smirked as he suddenly plunged his seal dick hard into her used cunt one more time, getting twin gasps from both of them. "Well then, we will just have to see, shall we?"





Three hours laterY..



                "Mmmm almost there...." Gomamon murred one last time, his flipper moving up and down his shaft rapidly.. It was always hard to jerk off for him, but he was still horny. Not to mention the fact he was using the speed talisman to go just a little bit faster.  "Uhhhhh!"  Gomamon came again, losing track.

                Palmon just made a small moan as Gomamon hit her in the cheek.  The cum just made a long sticky trail as it dripped down her chin, on two her chest, lost in the mix of cum.  Palmon panted heavily as she laid against a tree.  She was covered head to toe in seal cum.  AOh godY.@ Palmon smiled satisfied as she looked up at Gomamon, who went back on all four flippers.  "And I mean God in every aspect of the word....." 

                "Mmm care for another round?"  Gomamon smiled, licking his lips.  Seeing Palmon, a cum covered mess like that, only served to further heighten his sexual desire.  Besides, he only needed to tap the horse talisman, and he was good for another round.

                "Gomamon... I don't even think I can walk now... let alone fuck...."  Palmon murred softly.  Her entire body felt numb, utterly exhausted.  But she had never felt so satisfied in her life.

                "Ah that's a shame."  Gomamon sighed, although he had had his fun and then some.  He was sure that his hidden invisible camera had run out of tape some time ago, but he had more than enough material too keep him entertained for the longest time.

                Palmon moved her eyes up to Gomamon. She could not believe the stamina in him.  She had heard jokes about how men just like to fuck and go, but Gomamon, he kept going, and going.... like a horny Energizer bunny.  And Palmon loved ever minute of it.  AIf you are ever in America again, please, feel free to use me again.@ Palmon panted as she tried to get up, but her legs felt week.  "Mmm..." Palmon sat back down.  "I am just glad Mimi is sleeping extra late.... not that I could get myself clean up right now, I don't even feel like moving right now."

                (Because I got to Mimi first....)   Gomamon couldn’t help but chuckle.  He considered kissing Palmon one more time before leaving, but she was so heavily covered in cum there wasn't a space free. So he kisses the end of his flippers, and placed it on her lips. "I may hold you to that...."

                'Mmmm...." Palmon moaned as she closed her eyes, and in moments she started to snore softly.  She was totally wasted now, not even caring of some would find her in the less than desirable state.

                Gomamon was tired as well.   He had swam across the Pacific Ocean, made love to Mimi, then had sex with Lillymon and Palmon a few dozen times.  More mentally tired than anything, since tapping the symbol of the horse seemed to work wonders for fatigue.  Gomamon walked over to where the camera was standing.  He taped it once with his flipper, the snake talisman glowing brightly, and the camera shimmered into view.  Gomamon smiled as he dismantled the tripod, Palmon snoring in the background.  Gomamon hummed softly to himself as he dragged the camera back to the bag he had hidden earlier.  Gomamon packaged the camera into the waterproof container, along with his tape of Mimi as well.  (Man, Gabumon is going to love this.  I just hope he has some fresh tape.)   Gomamon smiled as he looked over the ocean.  (Cause baby, I haven't even started yet!)




                Up next, is going to be a crossover yet again, Pokemon/digimon.  How am I going to do that and keep it in the story line?  You have to see it to believe it any suggestions, plot ideas, comments, request, or wishes to be on my mailing list, send them to This lemon was proof-read by Neo



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Friday, 5 September 2008

            This lemon contains sexual situations involving the TV show Digimon. Do no proceed if you are under eighteen or this material is Illegal in your jurisdiction.

This is something that many people never thought would happen. An El Intruder/ Red Rover dual lemon. Those of you who know the history between us probably know what we are talking about. Speaking as Red Rover (The guy in the Red Text) I'll admit we had some bad words, ok more than that. But we made up, plus the added fact El Intruder came up with this GREAT idea for a lemon. Plus the fact I can't stay mad at anyone who likes Gomamon that much. God I laughed so hard when we ended up discussing this idea. This is a semi cross over lemon between Jackie Chan adventures/Digimon, though there is no actually characters from Jackie Chan that really appear in this lemon. Oh and to help those who don't watch the TV show Jackie Chan Adventures, the talismans we are talking about grant a special power depending on the Talisman.



The Twelve Talismans


Chapter 2- The Snake Talisman – Invisibility






            Gabumon sat back on the couch in his apartment moaning softly. Beside him was a pair of panties, pink, with the name Mimi embroidered on them. They looked rather stained from several cummings. Right now, Gabumon's eyes were focused on the screen in front of him as a rather grainy picture. Kari was in her bath, washing her hair as she sat on a stool, shampooing her hair. "MMMm yeah..." Gabumon moaned as he stroked his massive yellow dick with one hand.

            "Man, nice one...."

            "Gaaaahhh!" Gabumon fell off the couch, looking up as Gomamon sat on the couch smirking.  His heart was pounding a mile a minute as he tries to catch his breath.

            "Mmmmm Kari is a hottie isn't she?” Gomamon chuckled as he watched the screen. "How you got the camera in there is beyond me..." Gomamon looked down at Gabumon, his big yellow dick between his legs. "For god sake man, cover yourself up." Gomamon tossed Gabumon a pillow.

            Gabumon blushed as he tried to explain himself holding the pillow at his crotch. "Gomamon... I was just... um.... watching... er..."

            Gomamon held up a few videos he spotted on the floor from Gabumon's secret hiding stash. "Let's see... Palmon and Mimi in the change room.... Sora using the toilet...." Gomamon read the labels humming. "Ohhhhh Sora gives Matt a blow job.... Man Matt would be ticked if he knew you caught that on tape..." Gomamon looked up at Gabumon, who was hyper ventilating. "Don't worry man..." Gomamon smiled at Gabumon's panicked expression. "I am not going to rat you out."

            "No?" Gabumon panted relaxed.

            "Nah. I know how it is. So many digimon guys, few digimon females." Gomamon sighed as he dropped the tapes.

            "H.... how did you find out?" Gabumon stuttered as he stood up.

            "When I was over here a month ago, I um... found these sticking out of your room." Gomamon handed Gabumon some photos of a hot looking neighborhood girl through the streets. "I knew you were a bit of a voyeur, but man, this collection...."

            Er¼ I¼Gabumon still held the pillow tightly to his crotch.

            “Well, I am here to make you a deal.  I am going to borrow some of your camera and tapes and junk¼.” Gomamon swung a plastic grocery sack with a few tapes in it to Gabumon.  “And I promise to make it worth your while.”

            Wh¼ what are all these?”  Gabumon asked confused.

            Gomamon hummed as he started taking some better quality cameras and tapes in a waterproof sack. He had returned the cameras from the houses he 'borrowed' them from, and needed some cameras he can use for a while.   "Just watch them, trust me if you can keep getting me these tapes and formatting them...." Gomamon slung the sack over his back.   "I am taking a little trip.... Don't worry I will be back."  Gomamon winked once at Gabumon, before leaving the still utterly confused Gabumon.




            Gomamon stood at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, the sack over his back.  He double checked to make sure it was water proof and sealed tightly  "Well... let's see how fast I am....."  Gomamon tapped the rabbit once on his flipper, felling the speed in him.  And he was off.

            A spray of water sailed from the ocean in two steams as Gomamon swam at top speed.  A rainbow a mile high followed him as he tore across at speeds that would make a certain trademark blue hedgehog jealous.  Gomamon was once of the fastest swimmer in the digital world, but he was moving so fast that the most a human eye could see was a blur.  A trip that would take the fast sonic jet hours took Gomamon half the time.  Gomamon arrived in America, panting.  Even though he moved at super speed, he still was swimming for several hours, even tiring him.   "Mmmmm maybe I should have started with one of the other girls in Japan first...." Gomamon yawned as he looked up at Mimi's summerhouse.  He had to search the beach for a bit till he found the right one.  He knew this was it from Mimi's email post cards she had sent everybody, not to mention her in a tight two piece.  "Mmmmm...." Gomamon thought at the picture, which had just a hint of nipple.  "Oh right now I remember."  Gomamon smiled, as he noticed it was rather dark, with just a hint of sun gleaming over the horizon.  "Right.... it's day in Japan, night in America. Duh..." Gomamon sighed as he looked as his flippers, dropping the camera to the side.  "Maybe I should find a place to crash for the night... of course nothing will but me to sleep better than a good night fuck...." Gomamon chuckled as he helped himself on the deck.  "Mimi or Palmon.... human or digimon...." Gomamon hummed, lifting himself to the window ledge.  "Palmon would be so much tighter... but Mimi's breasts....." Gomamon peered through the window, is red Mohawk peering over.  "Such a tough choice..."

            Mimi was sprawled on her bed, a thin blanket half covering her legs.  She was wearing a bra and panties, both pink.  Her hair was pink again with stars; she seemed to change her hairstyle every week, though this was one of Gomamon's favorites.  Mimi snored softly, her chest rising softly, memorizing.   "Mimi it is...." Gomamon smiled as he jumped off the ledge.  

            Gomamon considering testing all the powers at once, but for some reason he mad himself a promise. He would not try another power until he fucked a girl using the newer one. A perverted promise he admits, but hey, for a horny digimon what did you expect?   Gomamon looked at his flippers, the glowing animal symbols coming into view as if by magic.  (Well, of course it is magic duh)  Gomamon chuckled to himself.  So far he used the rabbit, which gave his super speed, what next?  (Well¼ since I am being such a snake in the grass¼)  Gomamon smiled as he looked at the coiled up snake right above the picture of the rabbit.  He tapped it lightly with the claws on the end of his flipper, and felt an unusual sensation.  Gomamon blinked his eyes twice as the sensation passed.  (What?)   Gomamon blinked again, there was no sensation of darkness. He tried holding his eyes closed, and still he could see perfectly.  Gomamon rubbed his eyes with his flippers, and still nothing.  (What on Earth¼)  Gomamon looked over to a silver spoon left on the ground.  He picked it up, the spoon seeming to float, and found a perfected reflection of the wooden deck and sky but no horny seal digimon.  Gomamon smiled to himself, almost seeing himself in the mirror he could feel his lips grinning so much.  (A voyeur’s dream come true!) Gomamon picked up the sack, and was surprised when the camera disappeared a well.  (Better and better!) Gomamon chuckled as he went through the doggy door to the cabin, smiling.  (And the fun has JUST started!)




            Mimi was asleep in her bed, in her undies. Normally she wore more, but it was so hot.  She turned again, although this time the covers seemed to fall off as if by magic.  Or by an invisible ghost.

            (Hehe.)  Gomamon chuckled to himself as he crawled on the bed; the only way you could tell is by a depression on the mattress.  (It was a bitch to get that camera set up while invisible.  I should probably learn to use this power better..... But I am just too damn horny!)  Gomamon smiled as he placed a claw from his flipper, and dragged it over her panties.

            "MMmmmm.... Tai...." Mimi moaned softly as she was ever so slightly stimulated.

            (Ah... kinda hoping she'd moaned my name....)   Gomamon sighed, but then caught himself.  (Opps.... got to keep quiet.)  Gomamon smiled as he grabbed the panties in his teeth.  (Want to keep her asleep for as long as possible.)   Gomamon pulled slowly.  (While I get a really good show...)

             Mimi murred in her sleep, the touching forcing her dreams into another direction.  She was in the digital world with her friends, singing karaoke.  Suddenly the dream shifted, and tie was up with her on the stage, his hand under her skirt.  All her friends, digimon were watching her.  And she didn't care.

            Meanwhile the camera got a perfect view of her panties coming off, being pulled by some unseen force. It took Gomamon a good ten minutes to remove the completely, trying not to wake her, and having to move her legs a few time.  But now the camera had a perfect view of her shaved cunt.  (Shaved?)   Gomamon ran his flipper carefully over the baby smooth pussy.  (Well I'll be, she shaves!  My god she is a slut!)  Gomamon petted her pussy a few more times.

            "Mmmmm Tai...." Mimi moaned more as Tai’s hands grew rougher on her body in the dream, forcing her to the ground.

            Gomamon petted her pussy a few more times, tempted to take her right now.  (No...)  Gomamon looked at her pink bra.  (I came too far; I want to see those luscious mounds!)  Gomamon smiled as he crawled out from between her legs.   (That is what sucks with Digimon rookies.  They never seem to have a rack....) Gomamon crawled to Mimi's side, the bra having a clasp in the front.  (At least... nothing like this.)  Gomamon smiled as he started to undo the clasp, another difficult feat for one with no thumbs.  Five minutes of fumbling, and the clasp came undone.  Two wonderful smooth breasts popped into view for Gomamon and the camera.  (Ohh god.... even nicer than Kari's!)  Gomamon stood and admired them for a second.   (Mmmm now to have some fun....)  Gomamon moved his head forward, and placed his furry lips on her right tit.

            Mimi moaned in response, shifting on the bed as her dream became more intense.  Gomamon sucked on the nipple hard, the camera treated to a view of her tit being moved left and right, then becoming rigidly hard.  Mimi moaned louder and louder as her breasts were rubbed with invisible flurry flippers.  "Mmm Tai.. mmmm... mmmmm... MMMMMMM!"  Mimi suddenly bolted up right, panting, her dream shattered.

            (Ahh nuts....) Gomamon jumped back just in time to avoid.  He kept deadly silent. As Mimi took a moment to regain herself.   (I didn't even have a chance to play with her pussy....) 

            "What... what happened...." Mimi panted as she touched her breasts, moaning in spite of her self, she was so sensitive.  "My bra... my panties!"  Mimi rubbed her bear thighs.  "Did I go to sleep naked?"  Mimi laid back on the bed.  "Uhhh I must be getting confused."  Mimi spread her legs wide, giving Gomamon a perfect view of her cunt.

            Gomamon felt his dick rubbed against the bed.  (Think straight!)  Gomamon watched as Mimi opened her legs a bit more, her knees straight up.  (I can't fuck her now!  I mean... even invisible, she will figure out what is going on....)

            "Mmmmm why'd I have to wake up?" Mimi moaned as she touched her clit with one hand.  "I was having such a nice dream... and I am so horny...." Mimi murred.

            (Ohhhhh fuck it!!!)  Gomamon couldn't stand it any more, Mimi's dirty talk sending him over the edge.   Gomamon jumped between Mimi's legs, Mimi sitting up as she felt something furry in her legs.

            Mimi gasped loudly, feel something.  "What?"  Mimi was still half out of it, but groped around her waist, just before she felt something split her pussy apart.  "Gaaaaaahhhhh!" Mimi gasped, more from surprise then from pain.  Something warm and slippery was thrust inside her, and she only knew this by feel.  There was nothing in front of her, just the sensation of shock and a growing one of pleasure as her pussy expanded again with another invisible thrust.  Wha.. What’s happening to me?!”  MImi moaned as she arched back, something violating her pussy again and again.   To the hidden camera, you could see Mimi’s pussy expanding and shrinking a the invisible dick took her again and again  Oh god¼.” Mimi’s hands groper around her pussy, trying to find what was taking her so hard and fast, but she kept hitting an inevitable wall¼ a furry wall.  “I¼ I must be dreaming¼.” Mimi panted as she leaned back.

            (You aren't the only one!)  Gomamon moaned as he continued to pump the pussy hard, Mimi's hands reaching all over his back, although one time Gomamon had to move his head to keep Mimi from poking him in the eye. Mimi seemed to be loosing interest in stopping his assault on her cunt, or even finding what was the cause.  In fact her arms trailed back to her breast, rubbing the nipples, which were still hard from his from Gomamon's sucking.

            "OH GOD!" Mimi moaned as she arched back, no longer carrying that some phantom cock was violating.  She was just so close to cumming that she needed it.

            (Mmmm that is what I am, a god!)   Gomamon murred as he slammed into the pussy again and again. The hardest thing about this whole ordeal was keeping quiet, Gomamon so wanted to moan and groan and scream Mimi’s name. However, Mimi may be submitting to this whole dream thing.... but the minute she heard Gomamon's lustful squeals it may down on her.

            Gomamon's slippery dick slipped in her pussy again and again, Mimi rubbing her breasts now.  "Oh god oh god oh god..." She kept moaning over and over, arching her head back as she felt the inevitable climax coming. Suddenly she screamed, squeezing Gomamon tightly with her thighs as she came hard.  "GOD!" Mimi moaned, her voice vibrating in the room.

            Gomamon murred as he too was inches from cumming, he pulled his dripping dick from her cunt, and aimed it for Mimi’s screaming mouth using his furry flippers to finish the job in ten seconds.  A jet of sperm sailed with uncanny accuracy to her mouth, although Gomamon couldn’t se, he heard Mimi smack her lips, and swallow.  (Not bad when I couldn't see my weapon....)  Gomamon panted as his dick slowly went back to his pouch.  Gomamon consider starting again but he needed to save around or two for Mimi's sexy little partner.

            "Mmmmm....." Mimi panted as she rested on her bed, so tired that soon she was sleeping soundly, a small satisfied smile on her face as her naked chest heaved up and down.

            Gomamon winked into existence, smiling, as some of his cum appeared suddenly appeared Mimi's face on her left cheek, the girl fast asleep.  "Damn..." Gomamon whispered as he bent forward, and gave her breasts one last squeeze in her sleep, causing MImi to moan one more time.    "Mmm I don't know what I did to deserve these powers, but I am glad..." Gomamon jumped off the bed, taking his camera from the ceiling, making it visible.   "Now then... "  Gomamon whispered as he crawled out of the house, humming softly.  "First the Digidestined...." Gomamon looked up from the deck across the beach. There, a two foot tall humanoid plant with a large flower in her head and palm like arms with fingers like the ends of vines slept on a beach towel, the sun gleaming off her smooth skin.  "Then the digimon."



            Part 2 done. I do like this series.  Any suggestions, plot ideas, comments, request, or wishes to be on my mailing list, send them to







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Thursday, 4 September 2008

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            This lemon contains sexual situations involving the TV show Digimon. Do no proceed if you are under eighteen or this material is Illegal in your jurisdiction.



            This is something that many people never thought would happen.  An El Intruder/ Red Rover dual lemon.  Those of you who know the history between us probably know what we are talking about.  Speaking as Red Rover (The guy in the Red Text) I'll admit we had some bad words, ok more than that.  But we made up, plus the added fact El Intruder came up with this GREAT idea for a lemon.  Plus the fact I can't stand to hate anyone who likes Gomamon that much.  God I laughed so hard when we ended up discussing this idea. Basically we will be taking turns in this lemon, each writing a section than letting the other take over.  This is a semi cross over lemon between Jackie Chan adventures/Digimon, though there is no actually characters from Jackie Chan that really appear in this lemon.  Oh and to help those who don't watch the TV show Jackie Chan Adventures, the talismans we are talking about grant a special power depending on the Talisman.


            And to make matters fun, I Red Rover will be writing in Red Text.

            And El Intruder will be writing in Blue Text. Simple no?



The Twelve Talismans


            Chapter 1- The Rabbit Talisman - Super Speed



            Jackie Chan rolled on the ground as the powerful mage Daolon beckoned for the magical talismans to come to him.  Daolon was an elderly man, but he controlled the most powerful dark chi this world had ever known, and he knew that all that paled in comparison with the talismans.  These talismans would make any one man more powerful than any mortal should be. In the hands of someone like Daolon, this would be catastrophic.  Jackie Chan looked around.   He was in Section 13.  A high tech state of the art facility with access to some of the most powerful weapons, including a mounted mobile laser in the corner.  Jackie Chan covered the space to the laser in seconds, jumping on the seat of the laser.  "He will not possess the talismans." Jackie Chan said as he aimed the crosshairs at the floating talismans, jus inches from Daolon's grasp.   

            A blast of technological amplified light burst forth from the cannon's mouth, spewing hot energy on to the twelve stone talismans.  The laser burned hotter than any source known, the stones starting to vibrate and shake as more and more energy was poured forth.  The talismans began to resonate, until finally the powers of the talismans were shattered, bursting in the stratosphere.  The energy was released to the cosmos, searching of new vessels in which to be contained.  These magics were good, and would search for the noblest of animals to inhabit so that they could once be with nature as intended......

            Of course sometimes, there is a glitch in the system.




            In another dimension...


            "Oh yeah." Gomamon drooled as he worked the mouse on Joe's computer.  Joe was out studying for his medical aptitude test at the school, leaving Gomamon alone in the apartment.  The Digital World had become public knowledge in the last year.  Scientists, philosophers, diplomats, this Digital World had brought up more theories, speculation, and idea than ever before.   But what Gomamon was interested in was the more colourful aspects that a whole new world of species brings up.  Mainly digimon porn.   "Oh yeah Gatomon lick your self."  Gomamon smiled as he flipped through the drawings some artists made of Gatomon licking herself.   Gomamon smacked his lips hungrily.  "Man what I wouldn't give to have her."  Gomamon flicked the button, brining up a pic of Palmon's fingering herself with her vines.  "Or her." Gomamon drooled now as he flipped on to the real pictures of people actually having sex with digimon.  A Gizamon, a yellow amphibian digimon, was fucking a young brown haired girl missionary style.  "Man to screw a human..." Gomamon smiled at the image.  Kari, Mimi, Sora, Yolei.... all of them were tasty morsels.  Of course he didn't have a chance with them.  Hell, it seemed he hardly had a chance with any of the girls.  Palmon was on the other side of the globe. Gatomon was dating both Veemon and Patamon.  And Biyomon seemed to have a crush on Hawkmon.  (With my luck I'll die a virgin.)   Gomamon sighed as he began to take his dick out of his furry pouch for another masturbation session.  He already had a small tower drape on the desk to clean up his eventual mess.  (Well at least I'll have these pics to keep me company.)  Gomamon flicked the screen where there was dual shot of two Floramon's exposing their cunts for the cameras.  (Oh yeah.)  Gomamon smiled as he moved forward, and in a touch of impulsiveness, placed his lips on the screen, kissing one of the Floramon's on the cunt. His lips kissed the cold glass, not expecting any reaction.

            However right at that very instant in another world, the twelve talismans, mystical devices with powers that could grant a human abilities, or in this case a digimon, that they could only dream off.  The energy of these talismans for a split second scattered the cosmos, existing everywhere and anywhere.  Gomamon was a digimon; at the base he was code and energy. The computer that he was touching acted a focal point for these ancient powers, channelling into his very being as his body conducted these vast powers.

            Gomamon was blasted off the computer sparking with blue energy.  His body flew out of the room and into the living room, Gomamon slamming into couch and bouncing off into the wall as his body sparked with the mystical energy of the Chinese Zodiac. 

            "Whoa...." Gomamon sat down on the floor after his senses returned.  "That was such a buzz..." Gomamon rubbed his eyes, still seeing spots.  "Man imagine if that was some really pussy instead of the fake stuff."  Gomamon held out his flippers, blinking again.  "Whoa I still see colours..." Gomamon looked at his flippers.  There seemed to be bright colours glowing under his fur just barely showing.  "Damn what the hell was in that soda I drank?  I ain't never touching that caffeine free stuff again."  Gomamon moved his flippers close to his face. The colours looked like tiny animals glowing under his skin.  "Man I need caffeine. I am going through withdrawal..." Gomamon walked to the fridge, his body being rewritten from the base code as ancient magic and technological living code merged.  Gomamon crawled to the fridge, still shaking a little.  He opened the fridge door, feeling the temperature change.  Gomamon looked into the fridge disappointed. "Damn no cola....."  Gomamon sighed, his mouth feeling very dry.   "Time for a walk to the store I guess."




            Gomamon came out of the elevator into the lobby, after having to flag a pedestrian in the hall to buzz the elevator button.  That alone took fifteen minutes to get to the lobby, and Gomamon still had to get to the store.  "Dang Yolei's store seems so much closer riding on Joe's shoulder."  A small fly began to buzz around Gomamon's face, Gomamon waving his flipper in front of his face.  "Man I'd get a taxi if anyone would actually see me from down here."  The fly landed on Gomamon's flipper. Gomamon's talons came down at the fly, but missed as the small insect flew off.  Gomamon's talon landed on one of the small symbols on his right flipper, the one shaped like a rabbit.  The symbol began to glow brightly as Gomamon watched, before the glow died down.  "Man I need caffeine right away." Gomamon shook his head.  "I think my withdrawal is getting worse. I'd better run."  Gomamon sighed as he began to tense his muscles.  "Let's see if I run in this form, I may make in an hours." Gomamon chuckled to himself. "On you mark, get set, GO!" Gomamon suddenly took off, and the world blurred around him.

            Down the city, a gust of wind blew up the streets, blowing off hats and scarves.  Everyone thought it was just a sudden gust of wind, except for one digimon whose frantic high pitch scream could hardly be heard since he was traveling several times faster than sound.  "Geeeeeeeyyaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" Gomamon screamed as the scenery blurred around him as he left the city far behind.  Gomamon's heart raced as he finally put on his brakes, sending up a trail of dirt as he finally stopped.

            Gomamon stood still for a second panting.  "Ok.... what just happened?"  Gomamon patted as he looked around.

            An elderly lady looked down at Gomamon as he had appeared out of thin air. The elderly lady looked down at him. Her hand gasped a small model of a mountain.  "Uh.. Would you like to buy a souvenir of Mount Fuji?"

            "Mount Fuji?"  Gomamon balked at the old lady holding a shaking snow globe.  "Why would you sell souvenirs of Mount Fuji in..."  Gomamon looked behind the lady. "The middle...." Gomamon's gaze slowly went up.  "Of downtown..." Gomamon never finished his sentence as he gaze at the snow tipped peak of Mount Fuji.  "Ok I need that Cola badly. I must be going through withdrawal.  I am hallucinating." Gomamon rubbed his eyes with his flippers, before looking back up.  "Still there.  Ok I better pinch myself."  Gomamon reached down to pinch his flipper, noticing against the very dim outlines of the talisman animals on his flippers. The harder Gomamon looked, the more visible the animals appeared.  "More hallucinations?"   Gomamon sighed.   "Animals? Did I get drunk and get some tattoos?"  Gomamon looked closer.  "Rabbit? Dragon? Ox?"  Gomamon began to go down the length of each flipper.  "How drunk was I?"  Gomamon ran his claw to the top symbol, the rabbit again.  "Although this doesn't look like a tattoo... if I didn’t know better I'd swear it was glowing." Gomamon touched the rabbit symbol, just as it began to glow again.  "Okkkkk it is glowing.  I must be blasted."  Gomamon looked up at the old souvenir lady.  "I need a ride. Can you tell me where a public phone is?"

            "Ehh yes." The elderly lady pointed across the street.  "There is one right there."

            Gomamon spotted the phone booth across the street.  Four feet of the ground like most human device.  "Great. It probably be quicker if I walk back."  Gomamon looked both ways to make sure the street was clear, and than ran across the street.

            The old lady gasped as Gomamon disappeared into a red blur, blasting past the telephone, and bursting through the rice lands.  The old lady shook her head once.  "All right no more tequilas for me."




            "WAHHHOOOOO!" Gomamon cheered as he ran across the land, faster than anyone could see.  He was always awkward in this form on land, but now he was moving like the wind itself.  "This is GREAT!"  Gomamon made it back to his apartment in a minute.  "Whoa!" Gomamon panted as he ended up at the lobby entrance.  "That was the coolest!" Gomamon looked at his flippers.  The symbols seemed to reappear on his skin whenever he thought about them.  "These symbols, they are magic! Oh I have got to show somebody this!"  Gomamon smiled as he touched the rabbit symbol again.  "Super speed!" 




            Gomamon appeared out Tai's apartment as if by magic.  "Whoa!" Gomamon looked around.  "I am getting the hang of this super speed rather well. Man not even Imperialdramon can move this fast."  Gomamon decided to show Tai, Agumon, Kari and Gatomon first.  Not that matter much, he could be in America to show Palmon in minutes if need be.  Gomamon was about to knock, but thought to himself.  "You know, considering my reputation as a mischievous prankster, it wouldn't be me if I just showed them my new power." Gomamon smiled as he tapped the rabbit symbol again.  "I'll just mess with them a bit first."




            Kari laid on her couch reading a teen magazine by herself.  Tai and Agumon were out in the Digital World, and Gatomon had gone out as well on a date with Veemon. Gatomon was seeing both Patamon and Veemon now, having trouble picking a perma-boyfriend.  Kari was reading quietly when she heard something slam.  Kari looked up form the couch.  "Whose there?" Kari looked around. She could have sworn she heard the door open.  "Hello?"  Kari asked again, but no answer.

            Gomamon hid in the corner laughing at himself, (Man I am fast! She didn't even see me!)   Gomamon peered out from under the table.  He had already came in, shut the door, and searched he entire apartment finding Kari alone.  (This is so cool!  I wonder.... just how fast I am?) Gomamon smiled as he decided to test it out.

            Kari looked around for a moment, just a little confused.   She would have thought it was the TV if the TV was turned on. Kari just shrugged.  (Must have been one of the neighbours doors slamming really loud.)  Kari went back to her magazine as she felt another gust of wind.  Kari opened up the magazine and gasped as a perfect picture of human girl sucking a happy Gazimon opened to her.  "Yah!"  Kari gasped at the shock dropping the magazine on the ground.  "Where did that come from?!"

            Gomamon watched Kari from under the table, trying very hard not to laugh at Kari's confusion.  He had run out of the apartment, ran all the way to Gabumon's place, stole the magazine, (Gabumon had a collection of porn that even scared Gomamon.)  And replaced it with Kari's Teen magazine.  (Man and she didn't even see me!)  Gomamon chuckled to himself as Kari had dropped the magazine on the ground like it was on fire.

            Kari looked at the magazine. It was titled Digimon Fuck.  Right on the front cover was an Alarumon, a digimon quite like Palmon except she had a purple flower on her head.  The Alarumon's vines were all over this busy woman's body, arranged in just such a way that all the naughty bits were covered.  "Whoa..." Kari bent down cautiously, curious.

            Gomamon watched as Kari knelt on the ground, and began to flip the pages slowly.  (Well I'll be damned, she is enjoying this!)  Gomamon stifled a laugh.   (Man what I wouldn't give to have her start masturbating right here.... you know.... if I play my cards right....)  Gomamon smiled as he tapped the picture of the rabbit on his flipper again.  (I might just get one hell of a show.)

            Kari was flipping through the pages fascinated.  She had never thought of digimon this way before, but obviously man men and women did.  Gazimon, Gizamon, Floramon, Snowagumon, all fucking humans or each other.  "Mmm...." Kari began to rub her chest with her free hand.  Kari suddenly blushed, and shut the magazine shut.  "No man what was I thinking. Mom would kill me if she saw me reading this."  Kari looked back at the door, seeing it was latched shut from her angle.  "I'm just going to watch a tape." Kari said to herself, though Gomamon heard.  Kari had reached for the tape just as Gomamon took off again.  She placed the tape, Lilo & Stitch, in the VCR, and hit play. Kari sat back on the couch and began to watch the Disney Comedy.

            "UUH UH UH!"  A longhaired redhead with a modest size chest appeared on the screen.  Behind her a Gazimon was perched on a stool, rapidly screwing her from behind.

            Gomamon was trying hard not to laugh, Kari watching another one of Gabumon's tapes.  Kari stood transfixed at the screen as a Gazimon took his partner doggy style.  (Oh this is rich! She is actually starting to start touch herself!)  Kari was touching her breasts lightly on top of her clothes.  Gomamon could see Kari's training bra as he shirt shifted.  (You know, I bet you she'd feel that better if it wasn't for that bra.)  Gomamon smirked.  (God what I wouldn't give to relive this moment...)  Gomamon thought for a moment, before he took off through the door, and was back again.  Three cameras were now set up, one over the TV, one by Gomamon under the table, and one up on the ceiling, all relatively well concealed.  (Man Gabumon would kill for his porn. Kari masturbating.) 

            Kari was rubbing her chest lightly as Gazimon pulled out of his human partner, and ordered her to kneel at his feet with her mouth open.  Another gust of wind blew behind her as Kari took her hands of her chest briefly to move close to the screen.  "Mmmm..." Kari moaned softly as she twisted her nipple, gasping as it was suddenly so much more potent.  "What the heck?" Kari lifted up her shirt.  "Where'd my bra go?!"

            Gomamon was busting a gut.  He had Kari's bra in his mouth, Gomamon looked at the camera beside him and smiled, pretending to sniff the material. He had undid the back strap, and had to tear the straps on the neck in order to take the bra completely off.   Gomamon watched as Kari took off her shirt.  (YES!)  Gomamon cheered to himself as he got a perfect view of Kari's budding tits.  (Thank you GOD!)  Gomamon smiled as watched the strip show.  (This is so much better than computer porn!)  Gomamon licked his lips.   (Let's see if she can go any further.)

            Kari had her shirt off, and was shaking it. She still had her white gloves on which Gomamon just found sexier.  "Oh come on I know I had my bra on!"  Kari looked around the couch.  The Gazimon was moaning loudly now as he came on the redheaded girl's face.  Kari paid attention to the TV now embarrassed at her situation.  "I better change it..." Kari blushed. Kari reached for the channel selector to change the channel, or at least turn down the volume.  She grabbed the device just as another gust of wind blew in the apartment.  Suddenly the channel selector began to vibrate. Kari dropped it in surprise on the ground.  A vibrator rolled on the ground, rolling in front of the TV.  "What on earth?"  Kari gasped in surprise.  The vibrator began to wiggle its way across the floor.  "Where'd that come from?" 

            Kari got up and took a step towards the TV, when Gomamon came up from behind her again. He had searched Kari's apartment, but didn't find a single sex toy.  Then Gomamon ran to Yolei's, opened on drawer, and after several milliseconds of deliberation decided to take the third biggest vibration out of the extensive collection.  Gomamon also made a mental note to visit Yolei later, who obviously was sex crazed.  Gomamon smiled as he grabbed Kari's pants from behind.  (You know if Gatomon caught me like this...) Gomamon thought to himself as he quickly pulled the pants down from around her hips, faster than Kari noticed.  (She'd skin me alive.  But you know?)  Gomamon smiled as he sat back on the couch as Kari took a step forward, and her pants and pink panties fell around her ankles.  (This is sooo worth it!)  Gomamon sat back on the couch as he got a perfect view of Kari's perfect ass.

            "Whoa!" Kari fell forward as the pants fell to her ankles.  She landed on her hands and knees, her face inches away from the screen.  Gomamon licked his lips as he saw Kari in a perfect position, Gomamon having to restraining himself from taking her right then and there.  "Am I losing it?!" Kari called out to herself, not seeing Gomamon sitting behind her on the couch.  Kari looked up at the screen just as a new digimon couple came on.

            Gomamon smiled as he knew what came next.  Gabumon was private about his porn, but Gomamon had stumbled on it by accident when he was at Matt's apartment under Gabumon's bed.  Gomamon had swiped a few pieces of porn here and there, replacing them on previous trips.  This one was Gomamon's fave.  A Gomamon just like him, was on the screen. Well not just like him, this Gomamon had purple eyes and was slightly smaller.  But still he was doing what Gomamon always wanted to do.  Basically get laid.   The on-screen Gomamon was fucking a purple haired girl with a nose ring missionary style, both of them groaning in agreement.

            Kari watched the Gomamon as he made love to a human girl, who looked barely eighteen.  (She looks like she is enjoying that...) Kari's hand wrapped around the vibrator, but she stood transfixed.  (I wonder what it would be like to with a digimon?) Kari sat back on the floor, holding the vibrator.

            Gomamon watched on the couch with bated breath.  (Please, oh please....) Gomamon begged as Kari spread her legs wide, oblivious of Gomamon sitting on the couch behind her. The vibrator came to her cunt, pressing Kari's clit.  Kari gasped at the sensation.  (All right!  Floorshow!)  Kari began to rub her cloth with her vibrator. 

            Kari moaned as she watched the digimon couple screwing on screen.  "Gomamon..." Kari moaned softly as she took the vibrator lower and began to insert it up her wet hole.

            (Whoa, did she just moan my name?)  Gomamon gasped in surprise as Kari began to move the dildo in and out of her cunt. Kai moaned again, this time louder. Gomamon's name was clearly visible.  (She is! She is pretending to be the girl on the screen!)  Gomamon cheered to himself.  (You know, if she is willing to masturbate to me, I am willing to bet she may go further.  Maybe I won't die a virgin after all.)

            "Uh Goma!" Kari squeezed her breasts with one hand as she lay back, feeling the vibrating device deep inside her cunt.  "Fill me Gomamon!" Kari talked to herself as she began to build on a climax.  She began to buck her hips, arching her back upwards as her inevitable orgasm began to close.  "Gomamon!" Kari shouted again.

            "Yes?"  Gomamon came out from around the couch, waiting till he though Kari was just about to climax so she'd be at her most horny.

            "GAAAAAHHH!" Kari screamed at the top of her lungs, scooting back.

            "GAAAAH!" Gomamon screamed as well, pretending to be scared and shocked.

            Kari covered her breasts and pussy with her hands.  "What are YOU DOING?!" Kari screamed.

            "You called me!" Gomamon covered his eyes, though he had seen more than Kari thought.  "I heard you calling my name, and the door was open!  I thought you were inviting me in!"

            Kari looked at the door.  It was wide open, although she was sure she had bolted it.  "Oh god Joe isn't here too?"

            "No no, just me." Gomamon replied with his eyes closed.  "Err I'll go shut the door..." Gomamon walked over to the door.

            Kari began to frantically look for her clothes, now beet red.  "My clothes?  Gomamon did you take your clothes?"  Kari looked on the bare floor.

            Gomamon shut the door and smiled to himself.  He had moved at super sped and had thrown Kari's clothes in her room.  "Why would I do that?" Gomamon turned back.  "Are you ok?"

            Kari was huddled in the corner, covering herself.  "Yes!  Just don't look at me!"

            "Why are you naked then and moaning my name?" Gomamon played dumb as he looked at the screen.  The purple haired girl was now sucking the Gomamon on screen.  "Whoa!  You are watching Digimon Porn?"

            "No I was watching Lilo & Stitch!"  Kari realized how bad that sounded.

            "Naked with a vibrator?" Gomamon came back around the couch.

            "Gomamon!" Kari tried to cover herself more.

            Gomamon looked on the ground at the magazine.    "Digimon Fuck?  You are really into digimon.  Especially me I guess."  Gomamon looked back to the screen as he grabbed the channel selector, muting the Gomamon as he came in the human girl's mouth.

            "I was just..." Kari was beet red. 

            "No it's ok." Gomamon moved close, feeling horny beyond belief.  "You have a digimon fetish. I've got a weird fetish to." Gomamon moved close to Kari, so he could smell her now.  "I find humans rather attractive."

            "This isn't what it looks like."  Kari sweat dropped.

            "I mean, you are lucky it was just me who came.  Imagine if Agumon knew you had this weird thing.  He’d probably start wearing pants living here." Gomamon moved closer still, now seeing a bit of Kari's cunt.  "Plus he may feel jealous that you were masturbating to my image."

            Kari blushed even harder if that was possible.  "I..."

            "If you wanted to fool around, why didn't you just ask me?"  Gomamon placed his flipper on Kari's hand covering her cunt, and moved it a side.

            Kari didn't resist, completely confused.  "Gomamon this isn't...."

            Gomamon placed a claw at Kari's entrance, causing the young girl to shudder as he lovingly stroked the slit.  "Man you must have been horny you're so wet."

            "Gomamon I..." Kari gasped as Gomamon slipped the claw in her cunt.  "Uh!"

            "It is perfect." Gomamon moved his claw in and out of Kari slowly.  "Digimon don't carry diseases, we can't get a human pregnant, and we can be some of the best lovers."  Gomamon moved his head to Kari's cunt, and licked the clit once.

            "Oohhh!" Kari gasped as Gomamon licked her clit while fucking her cunt with her claw.  "Gomamon!"

            Gomamon smiled as he continued his oral job.  Kari had completely submitted to him now.  She was so close to an orgasm when he interrupted her that she was desperate to get off.  Besides, having a partner was much better than doing it yourself, at least that was Gomamon finding out.  (I am doing it!) Gomamon licked the pussy lips as he continued.  Gomamon was living one of his several sexual fantasies.  Eating out Kari, he would have never thought it possible.  Gomamon has fantasies involving almost all the females he knew, but he always thought that is what they would be, fantasies. 

            Kari bucked her hips on to Gomamon's claws.  "Keep going..." Kari moaned, she was so close.

            "Do you like that?" Gomamon stopped licking for a second.

            "Mm yes..." Kari moaned softly.

            Gomamon smiled as he took his free flipper and tapped the rabbit symbol on his flipper again.   "Then you'll love this."

            Gomamon placed his tongue on Kari's slit, and began to move his tongue at a rapid speed.  Kari gasped; almost passing out she took so much air.  Gomamon's tongue seemed to be everywhere at once. Inside her, down her slit, on her clit, licking her thighs. 

"UHhh Goma!" Kari began to shiver in extreme delight. She moaned loudly as she came hard.  "GOMA!"

            Gomamon slowed down as Kari came, licking up the girl's sweet juice.  (I love these powers!)  Gomamon smiled to himself as he took his wet face off the satisfied cunt.  "Did I do good?"

            "Gomamon..." Kari took a second to catch her breath.  "How... that was...." Kari was speechless.  "I have never felt anything like that..."

            "That's nothing for what I have planned next."  Gomamon smiled at Kari's expression.  "Now let's go to the next step." Gomamon crawled up on Kari's flat chest.

            "Gomamon are you sure?"  Kari asked cautiously as she felt Gomamon prod her entrance.  "This is big..."

            "I'll stop if you want me to."  Gomamon licked Kari's right nipple, sending a wave of pleasure through Kari's body.

            Kari shivered letting out a groaned as Gomamon suckled her nipple.  "Goma..."

            Gomamon smiled as he switched to the left tit.  Gomamon began to buck his hips forward, entering Kari with his rock hard member.  "Mm Kari you are so tight!"   Gomamon began to hump Kari in long powerful strokes.

            Kari let herself go as the sea mammal penetrated her insides.  "It feels so warm inside me." Kari began to moan in agreement, thought for some reason it paled to his tongue.

            Gomamon was happy, his virginity a thing of the past, fucking a hot young human girl no less.  But he did notice Kari's moans were not quite up to par with his oral job.  "Baby..." Gomamon looked at his flippers, the twelve symbols glowing slightly, and casually tapped the rabbit symbol on his flipper again.  "You ain't felt anything yet." 

            The power of the talisman began to flow through Gomamon, which Gomamon channelled to his lower side.  Gomamon's hips began to move faster and faster. Kari could hardly breathe.  Gomamon was ramming inside her so fast she could hardly see his hips move, it was just like a blur, and the pleasure, the pleasure was incredible.  "G... g... go...." Kari tried to moan Gomamon's name, but she could hardly get the sound out.  All that came out was a long stuttering of G's mixed in with moans and groans.

            Gomamon panted as he fucked Kari fast.  Kari was shivering in pleasure, her entire body going numb with hormones.  "Get ready Kari..." Gomamon was trying to hold back, but Kari was too tight. 

            "G... gg..." Kari felt like she left her body.  Gomamon's cock was in and out at the same time it seemed.  The pleasure was building to climatic proportions.  Kari arched her head back, finally getting the name out that was on the tip of her tongue.  "GOMA!" Kari screamed as she came harder than she thought possible.

            Gomamon let himself go.  "KARI!"  Gomamon cried as he came into the young girl's tight vagina.  Warm sea mammal spunk filled the girls pussy, which came flying out as Gomamon still was humping Kari at the speed of sound.

            Kari moaned as she came, feeling the trickle of spunk down her legs.  She reached down and grabbed Gomamon by the shoulders, pulling him up to her face, his dick slipping out of her twat.  Gomamon and Kari suddenly began to kiss each other passionately, let their tongues swirl in one another's mouth as they basked in the after glow.  Gomamon felt Kari up with his flippers as there breathing slowed back down to normal.  Gomamon removed his mouth from Kari's panting.  "Mmm Kari..." Gomamon smiled as he rested on Kari’s naked chest.

            "Gomamon that was.... mind blowing."  Kari stroked Gomamon's red hair.  "I never thought sex could be that powerful...."

            "Me neither." Gomamon enjoyed the gentle petting. 

            Kari just rested for a second.  "Gomamon, this was the best I have ever felt, but..." Kari started.

            "One time thing?" Gomamon pretended to sound disappointed.

            "Actually..." Kari suddenly kissed Gomamon again, giving Gomamon another passionate kiss.  Gomamon's eyes went wide, until he closed them, loosing himself into the wet kiss again.  Gomamon moaned as Kari squeezed his ass before breaking the kiss.  "I was just saying Tai and Agumon may be back anytime, and I don't want....”

            "Tai to find me naked on top of his baby sister in his living room?" Gomamon slid of Kari's stomach, giving Kari's nipple a good-bye lick, Kari giggling in appreciation.

            "Something like that." Kari stood up, a trail of cum coming down her inner thigh.  "But if I happen to be alone again...." Kari blushed as she walked to the door.  "Can I maybe come over?"

            Gomamon's heart skipped.  "Uh... sure?"

            Kari bent down and kissed Gomamon one more time on the forehead.  "I promise to make it worth your wild." Kari smiled as she stood up and opened the door, making sure she was faced so that no one could see her from the hall.  "Bye Goma."  Kari smiled.

            "See you later." Gomamon smiled as the door closed behind.  Gomamon waited for a second, than gasped.  "That was... " Gomamon looked at his flippers.  The twelve symbols of the zodiac began to glow again.  "I just lost my virginity thanks to... whatever you babies are." Gomamon looked at his flippers magically.  "This is incredible.  Who knows what other powers I have?"  Gomamon studied the symbols.  "But this is a great power, and with great power comes great responsibility.  I have been given these powers for a reason.  It would be wrong for me to abuse them like I just did."  Gomamon looked back at Kari's apartment for a second.  "Oh screw that.  I saved the world once already." Gomamon smirked.  "I have enough karma points saved up that allows me to have a little fun with these.  Besides, if these babies are going to help me get laid, I am damn sure going to use them.  Hell, Kari all but begged me to fuck her again."  Gomamon licked his lips.  "Now, who's next?"



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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

 This lemon contains sexual situations involving the TV show Digimon. Do not proceed if you are under eighteen or this material is Illegal in your jurisdiction.


More of a new series inspired from El Intruder and yours truly.  I laughed so hard when we ended up discussing this idea. This is a semi cross over lemon between Jackie Chan adventures/Digimon, though there are no actual characters from Jackie Chan that really appear in this lemon. Oh and to help those who don't watch the TV show Jackie Chan Adventures, the talismans we are talking about grant a special power depending on the Talisman. At the end of the lemon, see a list of Gomamon’s current powers.


The Twelve Talismans


Chapter 6 - The Sheep Talisman – Astral Projection




            “Damn, that was good.” Gomamon murred as he sniffed the blue sports bra and panties that Sora gave him as a gift for bringing her real clothes.  Gomamon brought Sora a pair of jeans shorts cut so short that you could see the ass cheeks, and a simple thin white t-shirt.  Gomamon didn’t even give the poor girl a bra or panties…. He got a giddy little throw as he knew Sora had to walk home almost naked, her cute ass cheeks sticking out slightly as she walked away.  Sora let him keep the bra and panties, as a ‘reminder’ of how much fun they had, and for the next time Sora was free for him to stop by.  “I think though…” Gomamon looked at his new stack of tapes, filled with him banging his friends, Mimi, Sora, and Palmon.  “I need to make a quick pit stop before my next conquest.”




            “Ohhhh yeah…..” Gabumon moaned.  His yellow dick was flopped out between his legs, Gabumon to tired to even hide his shame.  Not that there was anyone here, which is why Gabumon popped his now favorite DVD into the player.  Gabumon spent sometime burning the DVD on his computer, converting the tapes to an easier DVD.  Now, Gabumon watched as Kari was taken by Gomamon again, Gabumon feeling a tinge of jealousy, but was happy for the porn.  Kari was being fucked by Gomamon between her legs, getting close to the climax again.

"G... gg..." Kari stuttered as she let Gomamon fuck her, Gabumon watching intently even though he hadn’t the strength to masturbate now.  He had cum till his paw was cramped, and still he got sick pleasure watching Kari being fucked again and again until she yelled out “GOMA!” Gomamon came shortly after, yelling out.  "KARI!"  Gomamon cried as he came into the young girl's tight vagina, Gabumon could see some sperm along the edge of Kari’s pussy.

“GABU!”  Someone shouted into his ear loudly.

“GAHH!” Gabumon screamed as he fell forward, his heart racing as he turned on his butt.  “Damn it Gomamon!” Gabumon swore as he looked up, the digimon hardly ever swearing.

Gomamon chuckled as he lay perched on the edge of the sofa, his friend exposed on the floor, out of breath.  “DVDs.  How new-age.”  Gomamon chuckled as he watched Kari kiss him on the head on the screen.  “Hope you were pretending you were with her and not me.”

“Gomamon, how do you keep getting in here?  I thought I locked the door this time!”  Gabumon turned around, and started to shove his cock back in his pouch.

(Invisibility and Super speed.  Swiped Matt's Key from his concert half way across the country, and unlocked the door.)  Gomamon chuckled to himself.  "Well if you doubt want these tapes...."  Gomamon waved a plastic bag back and forth on his flipper.

            "More of Kari?"  Gabumon looked hopefully.  The last tape nearly gave him a heart attack, not to mention almost breaking his wrist.

"Nah... She was good but I am too much mon for one girl." Gomamon dropped the tapes at Gabumon's feet.   "An interesting tape with Mimi, followed by screwing Lillymon, and a good three hours with Palmon.... till the tape ran out.  I would have changed it but I was pretty much occupied. Oh, and then Sora going naked in public, followed by a good old fashioned screw with yours truly."  Gomamon smirked as he looked at Gabumon's dumbfounded expression.  "If you want, I might head over to Kari's later for some more footage.  I mean, I hardly broke in the girl."
            "How... I mean..." Gabumon picked up the tapes, still looking confused.  "Mimi and Palmon live in America, and how are you landing these girls so easily..."  Gabumon stopped when Gomamon put a claw flipper on his lips.

“Listen, I am giving you porn… I know these are much better then the grainy black and white shorts you have with out sound, or the pics you have sneaking around the bushes.  So now you have a good thing going, don’t blow it, k?”  Gomamon smirked as he took his claw from his from Gabumon mouth.  “Now, I am going to need a few more tapes, better make it a dozen for my next conquest…”

Gabumon didn’t need any more encouragement, as he actually bought a big stack of tapes for just this occasion, eagerly handing them to Gomamon.  “Next?”  Gabumon looked up hopefully.  “Who? Biyomon? Yolei? Gatomon?”  Gabumon wouldn’t be surprised who Gomamon laid next.  In fact, all it did was make Gabumon hornier, as he tried to guess who it was.

"Nah.... the pickings here are a bit slim, and I had my fill of Japanese."  Gomamon murred to himself.  "I think it's time to take another trip.  I feel in the mood for something French."




There was a flash of white fur, followed by a strong wind, as Gomamon appeared in the middle of downtown Paris. "Man I love that speed power!"  Gomamon smiled happily, panting as he hefted the bag of camera equipment on his back.   With his super strength power by that ox symbol on his flipper, it was child's play to carry.  He made it to France from Japan in a few hours, quicker than the trip to America.  All any one noticed of him was a fast moving blur and a mini sonic boom as he broke the sound barrier.   "Now let's see..."  Gomamon smiled as he looked at the apartment block.  "According to Matt's address book... Catherine lives here."  Gomamon smiled as he looked at the rather classic style house on the cobble stone road.  He had a quick look at Matt’s address book as Gabumon was looking over his new found stash of hardcore porn. "I better just check to make sure."  Gomamon looked at his flippers, the symbols appearing again.  He tapped the snake talisman once, and felt the familiar tingling sensation. In a moment, Gomamon was invisible once again.  "There."  Gomamon chuckled as he now could see through his body.  A voyeur's dream."

Gomamon snuck into the house with relative ease.  Catherine's parents weren't home, but a quick tour of the house found the young blond asleep in her bedroom, tucked away nicely for the night, breathing softly as she was covered with thick quilts.  She was a nice girl, with long blond curly hair down past her shoulders, and soft white skin, like porcelain. "Sleeping like an angel."  Gomamon smiled as he looked at her, his invisibility power making him all but undetectable.  Gomamon tapped his flipper once by memory, and shimmered into view.  Gomamon quietly hummed to himself as he quickly set up a camera in the corner by the drapes, where it would be out of the way and safe to record.  Of course, Gomamon just turned the camera invisible, so Catherine wouldn't know she was on video tape.  Gomamon just didn't want her knocking the camera over during the wild sex.   "Now then..."  Gomamon looked over his flippers after he finished setting up, deciding on what his newest animal would be.  "Since it looks like Catherine is counting sheep..."  Gomamon's claws dangled over the sheep talisman for a second.  "Elected!"  Gomamon chuckled as he taped the animal symbol.

Gomamon suddenly feel flat back on the floor, making a small thump as his body lay limp.  "Ouch!"  Gomamon rubbed his head as he blinked twice.  "What the hell happened..."  Gomamon looked down at the floor, realizing he was floating two feet up, and worse, at his own lifeless body on the ground.  "GAAAHH!"  Gomamon screamed as he looked in panic.  "I'm a GHOST!  It KILLED ME!"  Gomamon screamed louder, but his loudest shout would not rouse the slumbering blond girl.  "GAAHH!"  Gomamon flew back as he looked at his body.  "I repent! I promise; I'll be chaste!"  Gomamon vainly grabbed at his body, but the second his flippers touched himself, he felt an odd pulling sensation.   A wave of discord, and Gomamon blinked his eyes.  He was looking straight up at the ceiling, back in his old body, fine except he couldn’t move from sheer panic for a moment.

            "Phew..." Gomamon sighed as he felt his heart beating in his chest.  "Damn... almost gave me a heart attack."  Gomamon tapped the symbol again, and his real body slumped back, his ghost form appearing above his body a second later.  "I get it... this symbol makes me a ghost, or soul, or chi.... or whatever they call it... this is amazing.... it answers thousands of theological and philosophical questions..."  Gomamon heard a soft snore, and turned towards Catherine, tossing in her bed.  "Though it doesn't help me get any, and to be frank that is all I care about."  Gomamon sighed as he floated close.  "Guess this ends the streak of using each power to yiff... but there isn't much I can do to you if I can't even touch you... but we can try others."  Gomamon chuckled as he moved forward and kissed Catherine on the forehead. Suddenly Gomamon felt a pulling sensation, like he did when he touched his body.  "What... is happening now?!"  Gomamon shouted, as he disappeared yet again.




"Where..." Gomamon looked around his landscape after he managed to regain his senses. The sky was yellow, and he was in the middle of a field with a river, and a waterfall that seemed to be flowing up into nothingness?  The water just seemed to stay in the middle of the sky, flowing like a cloud.  "What the hell?"  Gomamon looked confused as he took a step forward. "Did I get transported or something?"  Gomamon continued to survey his surroundings, looking up at the waterfall. He squinted, seeing someone doing the back stroke several stories up in the impossible floating river.  "Catherine?"  Gomamon continued to look up at the girl swimming in her pajamas on the top of the river, getting dangerously close to the waterfall several stories down.  Gomamon forget where he was, his old hero self kicking in as Catherine swam to her untimely death.  "Catherine WAIT!" Gomamon shouted as Catherine went over the edge... but she did not fall.  She just kept swimming like she was still in water, much to the surprise of the stunned Gomamon.

            Catherine smiled as she began to swim, or float, or fly, downwards some, closer to the digimon she saw from her vantage point.  " 'ello!"  Catherine cried happily floating softly in mid air, doing the back stroke past Gomamon.

"Ok... this is getting weird..." Gomamon watched as Catherine did lazy circles around him.  "And this is speaking as a creature born of digital code from an alternate dimension who just discovered he could do magic… where is this place?"

            "This is a dream… or to be more precise, Catherine’s dream."  A red headed teenager said to Gomamon, who just appeared out of nowhere. One second he wasn’t there, and the second he wasn’t.

            “What the….” Gomamon just looked at the new arrival like he was nuts. "You're kidding."

            "Then how come you aren't wearing any pants?"  The redhead asked with a smirk, looking down at the smaller digimon.

            "I never wear pants."  Gomamon replied back as Catherine swam between them, oblivious to the pair talking.

"Oh my bad..." The redhead shrugged his shoulders. "It's just what you are supposed to say, then you look down, and the person sees he isn't wearing pants.  You know, the whole movie-TV cliché."

            "Well… it does explain the weird valley... not to mention Catherine...."  Gomamon looked to his side at the new arrival.  "Where the hell did you come from now?"

"It's a dream remember?"  The redhead patted Gomamon on his furry mohawk.  "Doesn't matter.  I can be someone she knows, saw, or just made up.  Hell maybe I am someone you know for all that you know.  No one knows for sure."

"Bah, this is confusing." Gomamon shook his head, the hand falling off his red hair.   “So if we are in Catherine’s dream…. Why aren’t we speaking French?”

 “Je peux parler en français si vous aimez.  Je peux utiliser des sous-titres” The redhead suddenly spoke in another language.  Suddenly, a large group of black block letters float in front of Gomamon’s.  “I can speak in French if you like.  I can even use subtitles.”

“Ummm…. Let’s just stick to English or Japanese….” Gomamon sighed as the letters went floating off, this whole scenario getting weirder and weirder. "So how do you know what is going on?"

"Well perhaps she is subconsciously aware of your presence and has elected me as an avatar to help guide you.... or perhaps you yourself are subconsciously tapping into her dream and creating me to answer questions you all ready know...."   The redhead sat down on a wooden stool that had appeared from nowhere.  "Or more simply, I am just a plot device."

"Let's go with the last one, the rest make my head hurt.  You obviously seem to know what is going on in any rate" Gomamon looked up at the red head man.  "So... you know what I plan on doing?"

"Yup."  The redhead nodded once, that one word speaking volumes.

"Are you going to stop me?"  Gomamon asked with concern, he wasn't sure his powers would work here in a dreamscape and wasn't looking for a battle.

"Nah.  Not like this would be the first erotic dream she had."  The redhead looked over at Catherine who was now swimming under the falls, but was remarkably not getting wet. 

"Good point."  Gomamon smirked liking this new arrival.  "So she will and like she would in real life eh?

"No... Dreams are different.  She looks that ways because she believes she looks..."  The redhead strokes his chin as if in deep thought.  "How she'll acts is a mystery.  She doesn't even know she is dreaming."

"So how will she react to me?"  Gomamon looked up to the red head guru for advice.

"Most likely she will just play along.  Hard to tell."  The Redhead stood up from his stool.  "Anyway I am off.  Have fun." The Redhead nodded once, before wining out of existence.

“You know… at one time… that would have fazed me.” Gomamon sighed as he turned back to the swimming girl.  "And the funny thing is this still isn't the weirdest thing that has happened to me this last week."  Gomamon chuckled as he made his way to the area where Catherine was playing.  "Now let's see if his advice works."  Gomamon looked up at the blond girl swimming ten feet over head.  "Come down here Catherine!"  Gomamon shouted as the young girl continue to float in lazy circles.

"Coming!"  Catherine sailed as she twisted in mid air, and started to descend down to the small digimon below.

            (Hmmmm how to do this?)  Gomamon thought to himself as Catherine swam next to him, landing without a sound on the soft field.  (Well it is a dream, and anything can happen in a dream so... why not go the direct approach?) "Take off all your pajamas."  Gomamon simply said.

"K." Catherine instantly complied, grabbing the hem of her pink nightgown, and lifting it over her head.

Gomamon smiled in spite of himself.  (Damn, too bad that didn't work in real life.)  Gomamon watched as Catherine threw her nightgown to the ground, which oddly enough, disappeared.  Catherine was now in her panties, and not the least bit shy about it.  After all it was only a dream.  Gomamon smiled as he lay back on the grass on his back.  "Good, now come here and suck my dick."  Gomamon replied bluntly, half propped up on his flippers.

"Sounds like fun!"  Catherine got on her hands and knees and crawled over to Gomamon, and immediately started to lick the fur on his crotch.          

"Mmmmm...."  Gomamon moaned as his dick start to slip out of his pouch, the red dick slowly expanding as Catherine licked the hardening rod.   (I wonder if she is this loose in real life.)

Catherine murred as she continued to lick the dick, not the least bit scared or surprised.  Well sort of surprised, usually it was Tai or TK when she had this dream.... or both of them together.   She smiled as she looked up at Gomamon.  "Such a nice red dick."  Catherine moaned before she opened her mouth, and took the whole thing in her mouth in one solid gulp.

Gomamon gasped loudly, moaning as Catherine deep-throated him with ease.  "Uhhh..... God..... You must do this a lot...."  (At least in your dreams.)

            “Mmmmm hmmmm….” Catherine moaned on to the cock, affirming Gomamon’s belief.  She had many dreams like this, sucking boys, and other fun activities… real life was a different matter, but here she was a first class slut, taking the full length of the cock in her mouth with no trouble at all.

Catherine just bobbed her head on the dick, moaning as she sucked harder, harder than any normal girl could.   Gomamon just panted as it felt like his dick was stuck in a vacuum as the blond girl blew him off hard, running her silky hands over his white fur as he began to face fuck her.  "MMmmm yeah... keep going..." Gomamon moaned as Catherine licked the underside of his dick in her mouth, loving the taste of the dick, or more accurately, loving what she dreamt dick taste like.  Gomamon, who hadn't got any in hours, was quickly approaching his orgasm. He twisted left and right on the sand, moaning loudly when his body began to stiffen, and his balls finally released their torrent of cum.  "Mmm yeah!"  Gomamon murred as he off loaded.  A stream of hot cum shot from his dick.

Catherine sucked Gomamon dry, taking her lips off when she was finally done.  "Taste like vanilla!"   Catherine proclaimed happily, licking her lips.

            "Huh?"  Gomamon looked confused at Catherine.  "Vanilla?"  Gomamon looked at Catherine weird.

"Yeah, so does Tai and TK's when they are here.... are they here now?"  Catherine looked around the landscape hopefully.

Gomamon shrugged as he took a single claw from his flipper, whipping up a drop of cum from his piss hole.  He sniffed it once, and too his surprise, it did smell exactly like Vanilla.  (Guess that is what she thinks cum must taste like.  Man, she has slutty dreams.   Maybe I will come back one day and watch the show.)  "Nope just me Catherine."  Gomamon chuckled as he stroked his dick some with his flipper as best he could.   "Mind taking off those panties so I could give you a good fuck before I leave?"

"Sure.... but you are a little small for me."  Catherine held out her hands well over a foot a part.  "TK is this big, and Tai is even bigger."

(Geeze is she going to be disappointed in real life.)  Gomamon chuckled as he rubbed his dick some more.  (Sides, dicks that big would rip her apart.)  "Come on Catherine; give me a little going away gift."

"Well ok, since you asked so nicely."  Catherine smiles as he she held out her arms.  "But let’s make things a bit more... proportional." Gomamon watched confused as Catherine seemed to stand there for a moment.  Then... she slowly began to shrink.  Her panties began to loosen, before they fell down her slim hips as she continued to shrink.  A few seconds later Catherine was standing on her panties, just over a foot tall.   "Much better."  Catherine let out a little French giggle at the clearly shocked digimon.

"Whoa..." Gomamon gapped as Catherine shrunk in size.  Catherine was now slightly smaller than him now on the grass, if Gatomon could stand up on his back flippers with any amount of reliability.  "Damn...  I don’t know why, but that was damn sexy.”

Catherine giggled in her French accent as she twirled around.  "I know.... so are you ready?"  Catherine came close, reminding Gomamon of a living Barbie doll.

"Not that I don't like you my size." Gomamon smiled as he looked at her.  "But you are too small for me..."

            "Ohh 'ush up."  Catherine chuckled as she walked over to Gomamon, climbing on top of him.   "I've taken bigger than you before no offence."  Catherine smiled as she grabbed the dick with her hand, though now, she was so small she couldn't even get her hand around the shaft.

Gomamon leaned back as the soft, yet strong hand wrapped around his seal prick.  "MMmm..." Gomamon considered arguing with her more, but the promise of the tightest pussy he ever felt quickly negated that fact.  "Go nuts."              

Catherine smiled as she positioned the dick at her cunt, and slowly began to sit down. Gomamon watched in amazement as Catherine just closed her eyes, and slid down his shaft like nothing.  "MMmmmmm Gomamon...." She murred as the dick was now completely inside her, her pussy rubbing against his furry crotch.  “Ohhhhh!”  Catherine moaned as the furry tickled her pussy lips.  “That…. Feels… wonderful!”  Catherine had only fucked humans in her dreams, Tai and TK mainly.  They were always hairless done there, Catherine being a bit innocent in real life.  But now she had soft fur caressing her cunt, and it made the stimulation even better.

Gomamon looked on in amazement, his dick was surely in her chest right now, but Catherine just happily bounced up and down slightly, a look of contentment in her face.   (Must be the dream, she thinks she can take it in her... so she can...)  Gomamon moaned as he felt Catherine tighter her hips around him, his cock jumping in appreciation.  (And this is no time to be caring.) 

Catherine's cunt seemed to expand and contract to fit his dick, while this may have caused severe pain in the real world, in her mind it just increased the enjoyment.  "MMmmmm Goma...."  Catherine moaned as she rested her tiny hands on Gomamon's furry chest, and began to rapidly move her hips up and down, slamming on Gomamon's shaft again and again.

Gomamon just panted along with her, his chest hair becoming ruffled in-between Catherine's fingers as the tiny girl rode him hard and fast.  "Faster Catherine!"  Gomamon moaned as he leaned back, letting Catherine do all the work.

Catherine complied, nodding once as she tried to make herself go even faster, slamming her entire weight on the shaft, which wasn't really much since she lost a lot of mass when she shrank.  "Ohhhh Gomamon..."  Catherine moaned as she wrapped her arms around Gomamon's neck, and her legs around his furry belly.  “I… I….” Catherine slammed down harder and faster, hugging the digimon tightly, her young breasts rubbing in his chest.  Catherine suddenly let out a high pitch squeal, arching her head back. Her shrill voice slightly higher than what it was before she shrank. 

Gomamon felt his crotch get just wet; he’d almost swear Catherine pissed on him she came like a flood. (Uhh… must be part of her dream…)  Gomamon slams in again and again, shoving his length a few more time in the climaxing girl, before he let out a deep moan.  He added his own seed into Catherine’s soaked cunt, murring happily as he flooded her inner walls.

Catherine collapsed on Gomamon, kissing him hard on the lips as her orgasm passed.  "MMmm thank you Gomamon..." Catherine kissed him again on the side of the cheek, sliding off.

(Betcha she dreams about me a lot more now.)  Gomamon chuckled as he sat up on the grass; his crotch fur was just wet with pussy juice.  (Man… I wonder how wet she gets in real life…) Gomamon flipped on his belly, his limp dick sliding into his furry pouch yet again.   “No, thank you Catherine.”  Gomamon kissed her on the tiny cheek on her face, Gomamon thinking the small girl was jus so cute.  (Hmmmm wonder if any of my new powers can make things shrink…. Or better yet, make me grow.)

            Catherine just lay back on the grass, doves appearing out of nowhere, floating in the air.  “I think I am just going to lay her now…” Catherine has a satisfied smile on her face, feeling drained, but happy.  While her body was not really here, this was still a mental intense experience.

Gomamon walked over to Catherine who lay naked and cum dripping on the make believe lawn.  "Sweet dreams."  Gomamon licked her across the cheek once, before he started to fly up, Gomamon quickly getting the hang of this dreamscape.  (Now…)  Gomamon hoped as he flew towards the sky.   (Let’s hope that I can get out this way!  I don’t want Catherine to wake up with an unconscious digimon in her room!)





"Whoa!" Gomamon sat up straight as he jumped into his body.  "What a rush..."  Gomamon got on his flippers, and walked over to the bed. The bed, while nicely made before, was all torn apart, covers and pillows everywhere.  Catherine herself was breathing hard, her skin bright red.  Gomamon was satisfied, a wet spot on Catherine's panties, his pajamas half off with the tossing and turning.  Her left breasts was exposed now as the pajama was hiked up, her young tit hard.  "Looks like she enjoyed it as well...  She'll sleep for days."  Gomamon chuckled as he reached forward, and grabbed the edge of her wet panties.  He smiled as he ever so slowly pulled them off, being careful not too wake the girl, although she was sleeping so hard Gomamon doubted he would wake her.  Gomamon chuckled as he managed to pull the tight panties off and over her foot.   "Think I will sell these to Gabumon."  Gomamon chuckled as he brought them to his nose, and took a big sniff.  "Or maybe keep them for myself.   Mmmmmm I love that young girl aroma."

Gomamon chuckled as he jumped off the bed, making a small thud as he landed on the carpet.  "Meh, Gabumon is not going to like this tape as much as the earlier ones."  Gomamon hummed to himself as he started to dismantle the camera, but not before getting a good shot of Catherine's cunt.  Gomamon patted the tape in his little sack, alone with the pair of purloined panties.  "While watch a girl sleep is erotic, it pales to the other stuff..." Gomamon smiled as he made his way out of the door.  "Of course, we can use Floramon for a few hotter scenes."



The redhead was me of course, a shameless bit of self insertion.  And the shrinking idea was from Alice in Wonderland.  The pokemon/digimon crossover lemon I promised will be a bit late; I just got inspired doing this lemon and finished it right away. 


Gomamon’s power list so far is –

Rabbit talisman – Super speed.

Snake talisman – Invisibility.

Ox talisman – Super strength.

Horse talisman – Healing.

Pig talisman – Heat beam eyes.

Sheep talisman – Astral projection.


Next lemon, is of course Floramon. I had to think of a creative way to use the Dragon power, but I liked what I came up with.  Not as good as Gomamon slicing Sora’s clothes to ribbons, but good none the less. Any suggestions, plot ideas, comments, request, or wishes to be on my mailing list, send them to



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